Who is Tatyana Remley? Notorious figure behind failed horse show valitar arrested in murder-for-hire plot

Tatyana Remley, a woman known for her involvement in the disastrous multi-million dollar horse show “Valitar” in 2013, was arrested last month in connection with a murder-for-hire plot targeting her husband, Mark Remley. The Remley couple first gained notoriety over a decade ago when their $10 million horse show series was canceled after just four shows.

The couple’s relationship had apparently deteriorated over the years, leading to Tatyana filing for divorce from her 57-year-old husband on July 11. Tatyana was arrested in August following a sting operation after her husband discovered the plot to have him killed and reported it to law enforcement.

According to the arrest complaint, Mark Remley learned that his estranged wife had offered a mutual friend $2 million to kill him. After the friend alerted him about the plot, Mark promptly contacted the police.

Tatyana Remley is facing serious charges, including felony solicitation of murder and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit for her involvement in the conspiracy to murder her husband. She also faces a misdemeanor charge for carrying a loaded gun in public.

Court records indicate that Tatyana Remley has been held without bail at the Las Colinas Detention Facility since August 2, 2023.

The New York Post reported that Tatyana and Mark Remley’s marriage was marked by volatility, with multiple divorce filings over the past decade. Allegations included Mark reportedly holding a gun to Tatyana’s head and threatening her with a knife in one instance. The divorce filing also mentioned that Tatyana was assaulted by a friend in the presence of her husband, an accusation Mark Remley denied.

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Throughout their tumultuous marriage, the couple was involved in various failed ventures, including the ill-fated horse show “Valitar” in 2013 and a luxury cycling studio in Solana Beach that closed in 2016.

Despite their troubled history, the couple’s social media accounts portrayed a lavish lifestyle in California.

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