Sarah Snook And Dave Lawson Are Expecting Their First Child

Sarah Snook, an Australian actress, is having her first child with her partner Dave Lawson. The 35-year-old actress attended the red carpet premiere of Season 4 of Succession on Monday, March 20, where she showed off her baby bump while revealing the news. She informed Entertainment Tonight of her pregnancy:

“It’s thrilling! “I am feeling great.”

Sarah Snook wore a tight black dress that showed off her pregnant belly to the premiere. She finished off her ensemble with a sparkly gown and bright red makeup.

| Sarah Snook at the Succession premiere

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Dave Lawson, wife of Sarah Snook, is all you need to know.

Dave Lawson was born in Australia on September 25, 1978. He grew up in Melbourne, Victoria and graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a degree in advertising and marketing, according to his LinkedIn page. He is a professional performer and entertainer. He started his job with the support of a friend’s mother, a casting director, who helped him land commercials for companies like Dr. Pepper and Kmart. He was eventually contacted by Nickelodeon Australia to introduce the Nick Saturday channel. He then worked for Nickelodeon for several years, presenting shows like Sarvo and Camp Orange, as well as the Australian Children’s Choice Awards.

Sarah Snook

During an appearance on Comedy in Failure, he said:

“I never intended to be a host for children.” That will never happen. But then you pass one interview, then another, and you start to get enthusiastic and say, ‘I really want to do this right now.’”

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Lawson and Sarah Snook first met in 2014. But they were never married at the time. They were detained together when the corona virus hit. Another reason their relationship became so close was the fact that Snook appeared and produced the short film Pause. According to the performer, it was a turning point in their relationship when she began to see Lawson in a different light.

After falling in love, the Succession actor proposed to Lawson on Halloween 2020. Finally, when the couple were allowed to leave Australia, they went to Snook’s home in Brooklyn, New York, and were married in her garden on February 2021. The couple held a wedding ceremony. a secret for the next eight months before making it public.

Sarah Snook

Although this will be Sarah Snook’s first child, Dave already has a baby boy from his previous engagement. On Humor in Failure, he expressed his gratitude for parenthood, saying:

“I can’t regret it because I won’t have [my son] if i don’t have [my son].” If you go back in time and change an item, you can solve the problem. A lot of it has to do with fatherhood. If I make an adjustment, I don’t want the chance to reverse it.”

Sarah Snook, 32 weeks pregnant, revealed that her due date is fast approaching.

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