“Triptych” A Mexican Thriller Drama Is Set To Released On Netflix

Triptych, also known as Trada, will be available on Netflix on Wednesday, February 22, 2023. The Mexican thriller will supposedly include eight episodes, and according to sources, all of them will be available on Netflix on the same day. The planned series has been written by Leticia López Margalli, the writer of the suspense drama Dark Desire or Oscuro Deseo, and directed by Leonardo D’Antoni and Alba Gil.

Triptych’s cast includes Maite Perroni, David Chocarro, Flavio Medina, and Nuria Bages. Ofelia Medina, Ana Layevska, Claudia Lobo, Aldo Gallardo, and Daniella Valdez all appear in the series. To be sure, the mystery program reunites the wonderful combo of Margalli and Perroni following Dark Desire, another Netflix series. Triptych’s release date and time have been planned for February 22, 2023, at 3:01 a.m. Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal, a docuseries, was also released on the OTT platform that day.

What can we anticipate from Triptych?

The plot of Triada is as follows:

“Because the truth has several faces, nothing is as it seems, and in order to uncover it, we must first understand its three faces. The suspense, mystery, and drama reach a new level in Triada.”

Based on a true event, Triptych will follow a forensic specialist, Rebecca, who arrives at a murder scene and notices the victim’s face looks precisely like hers. She soon discovers that she was separated from two of her identical brothers and realizes that her whole existence up to this point has been a lie.

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To reverse the transformation, she “sets off on a risky adventure to discover the truth about her origins.” Perroni plays three different characters: a businesswoman, a dancer, and Rebecca. The trailer for TrADA, which was released by Netflix last month, emphasizes this. Over its 1:56 minute runtime, the brutal short exposes Rebecca’s likeness to two other women, as well as how her birthdate and DNA matching the deceased entrepreneur raises a burning curiosity inside her.

Despite her colleague’s objections, she decides to go on a mission to discover the cause of their split. Rebecca’s life is threatened as she draws closer to the truth, and she is assaulted. The trailer holds your interest until the very end, thanks to a captivating background soundtrack and the excellent camera angles of Alejandro Chávez and Josué Eber Morales. Just one complaint: there were no English subtitles or dubbing in the promotional video, but it is believed that Netflix will add subtitles once the series starts.

The Netflix show was unveiled in January of last year.

Perroni, a GQ Men of the Year Award winner, revealed her participation in the yet-to-be-released Netflix episode in a video interview in January. She stated:

“I am overjoyed because I can now make an exclusive announcement. Leticia López Margalli, the creator of Oscuro deseo (Dark Desire), and I are working on a new project that has me thrilled, scared, and joyful.”


This is the popular actress’s first release of the year, and she will be starring in a TV program following Dark Desire. Importantly, Dark Desire season 1 became the most-watched non-English program on Netflix upon its first release, so it remains to be seen whether the Margalli-Perroni team can repeat their success in the next drama. According to a press release, “the characters dig into their own history, one by one, to solve the mysteries of their life.”

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