Meet Lachie Neale Wife, Julie Neale: Look Into Their Relationship & Lifestyle

Lachie Neale just won the coveted Brownlow Medal for the second time. As the world cheered this AFL hero, another person stole the show: Lachie’s wife, Julie Neale. This article will go further into Julie Neale’s biography and emphasize her vital part in Lachie Neale’s rise to fame. Lachie Neale, well-known for his outstanding abilities on the AFL field, has won another Brownlow Medal to his collection. While Lachie’s accomplishments are admirable, this piece will concentrate on the lady who has served as his “rock” throughout his career: Lachie Neale wife, Julie Neale.

Who exactly is Julie Neale?

Julie Neale, also known as Jules by Lachie, is more than just the “lachie neale wife” search result that may have brought you to this page. She was a lady with her own identity who had run a salon in Perth before the couple decided to relocate to Brisbane.

Lachie Neale Wife

Lachie Neale Wins His Second Brownlow Medal

Lachie has won the Brownlow Medal on two previous occasions, the first being in 2020. Julie was often the focus of attention throughout the festivities and media frenzy, demonstrating her considerable involvement in Lachie’s life.

Julie’s Raw Moment with Lachie Neale

Lachie Neale and his wife Jules were spotted on the field after the Grand Final, which was one of the most touching moments. The feeling depicted in that photo was powerful, expressing their friendship and mutual support.

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Julie Neale Sacrifices

Julie’s constant support is the driving force behind Lachie’s achievement. In his Brownlow Medal victory speech, Lachie praised Julie’s efforts, particularly her choice to leave her salon in Perth to support his career in Brisbane.

Lachie Neale Wife

Presence on Social Media

Julie keeps in touch with her admirers via her Instagram account, which has over 20K followers. Her articles provide insights into their lives, increasing her relationship with her fans while also displaying her own personality.

Julie’s Role in Contract Negotiations

The couple’s path was not always easy. Julie stood there with Lachie Neale as his contract talks became a talking topic, confronting the issues head-on.

Brisbane Lifestyle

The migration of the Neale couple to Brisbane brought with it fresh beginnings. They are presently residing in a luxurious five-bedroom home in the Seven Hills garden complex, beginning a new chapter in their life.


While Lachie Neale’s accomplishments on the field are impressive, it is important to recognize Julie Neale’s influence in his life. She’s not simply the “lachie neale wife” the media depicts, but a key factor in his life as Lachie’s unshakeable rock of support.

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