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Portia Derby, best known as the CEO of Transnet, was formerly married to Brian Molefe, a former CEO of both Eskom and Transnet. The pair married in 1993 and, sadly, chose to split up a decade later, completing their divorce. Portia’s marriage to Brian Molefe was an important chapter in her personal life, and although both people have since moved on, the specifics of their relationship and subsequent divorce have piqued the attention of many.

Portia Derby established a name for herself in the business world, particularly as the CEO of Transnet. She got a R8.5 million pay package for the year she held the office. While she has been in the spotlight professionally, her previous marriage to Brian Molefe has also received notice. Brian Molefe, the former CEO of Eskom and Transnet, maintained a relationship with Portia that lasted many years before ending in divorce.

Portia Derby’s Professional Career

Portia Derby shown her competence and commitment in her work as Transnet CEO, earning a large compensation. To put it in context, her annual compensation was much more than that of several members of Transnet’s senior team, ranging between R4 million and R6 million. Throughout her tenure, Portia made significant contributions to Transnet, guiding the company through numerous challenges and milestones.

Portia Derby

Brian Molefe and Portia Derby’s Marriage

Portia Derby and Brian Molefe married in 1993, bringing together two prominent people from South Africa’s business sector. With Brian’s history as the CEO of two major firms, the couple was undoubtedly a power couple of their day. However, as the years passed, the couple decided to split up and divorced about ten years ago. Both people have subsequently progressed along their separate paths.

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Portia Derby Emprie Transnet SOC Ltd

Transnet SOC Ltd is a significant South African rail, port, and pipeline corporation located in Johannesburg’s Carlton Centre. It was established as a limited business on April 1, 1990. The South African government’s Department of Public Enterprises, or DPE, owns the majority of the company’s equity. The corporation was founded by reorganizing the activities of South African Railways and Harbours, as well as other existing operations and goods, into business divisions.

Portia Derby


Portia Derby and Brian Molefe’s marriage brought together two important business figures. While the specifics of their relationship remain private, their professional achievements are unquestionably impressive. Portia Derby’s current leadership at Transnet demonstrates her professional prowess. Her story, both personal and professional, continues to captivate people, and her accomplishments attest to her ability.

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