Larry Haynes A Surf Photographer Passed Away At The Age Of 61

Larry Haynes, a well-known surf photographer, died on February 9 at the age of 61. He was on a paddleboard with his pals in Hawaii at the time of his death, shooting a wave. He experienced a heart attack and fell in the parking lot at Laniakea Beach in Hawaii after completing the picture. Larry’s buddy Brian Bielmann was contacted by one of the lifeguards to deliver his paddleboard to his family. On it, a GoPro camera was located, which captured Larry’s dying moments as he recorded the wave.

“Until we meet again,” netizens say of Larry Haynes.

Musician David Elecciri Jr. posted on Instagram that Larry Haynes had a heart attack while surfing at Laniakea Beach. Larry had asked David to lunch a few hours before the unfortunate event occurred, according to David. The post stated:

“These were his final texts to me before leaving for his surf. You never know… RIP Larry Haynes. If you knew Larry, you’d know he was as tough and genuine as they come. Everyone adores you.”

Larry Haynes

When David and Larry visited Mauna Kea in 2018, Larry assisted in the production of a film named Rize. He stated:

“Such a legend in daily life… he may be gone in physical form, but his soul, presence, artwork, and legacy will go on forever… till we meet again, Larry!”

As soon as they learned of Larry’s death, many individuals acquainted with his work turned to social media to pay respect to him.

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Larry Haynes documented surf tournaments such as the World Surf League.

Larry Haynes rose to prominence as a cameraman in the 1980s, capturing surfing contests. He was well-known for his work on the 1994 television series Fluid Combustion, which spawned multiple sequels. In addition, Haynes documented the deaths of many surfers, notably Malik Joyeux in 2005 and Kirk Passmore in 2015. He was subsequently profiled in Outside magazine.

Larry was fascinated about shooting water-related events, according to a Facebook post by his buddy Tristan Boxford. Another acquaintance, John Bilderback, sent a comment regarding his professional trajectory and praised his “unshakable outlook.”

Larry Haynes

He stated:

“From being a youngster with a cheap video camera in Velzyland to becoming the most dominating cinematographer in the ocean. Any ocean will do. He was always the model of hard effort, fearless posture, and an unwavering mentality.”

In 2015, he founded Fluid Vision Productions, Inc., a production firm. He also worked in the camera and electrical departments on the sets of the 2012 film Chasing Mavericks. He worked as a cinematographer on several productions, including Underwater Universe, Big Wave Hellmen, and Chasing Monsters: El Nino. He also shot surfing tournaments such as the World Surf League.

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