Frankie Alvarez, son of Laire Lightner, pronounced brain dead, battles critical injuries after motorcycle accident

A serious motorcycle accident on Saturday night has left 21-year-old Franky Alvarez, a devoted Christian patriot and the son of Laire Lightner, in critical condition. Contrary to initial reports, Franky is still alive, but he has been pronounced brain dead due to the severe injuries sustained in the crash. The family and the community are rallying together, fervently praying for his recovery, hoping for a miracle to bring him back to health.

The impact of the motorcycle crash left Franky with an enlarged brain, damaged vertebrae in his neck and spine, and a punctured lung, among other severe injuries. The physicians involved initially declared him “brain dead,” sparking a struggle as the family sought a second opinion and explored the possibility of transferring him to a level 1 trauma hospital.

Laire Lightner shared,

“UPDATE: The Lord told me to take Franky off the ventilator. So we are. We have 24 hours with him here from the moment the vent is pulled and then if God doesn’t raise him here we take him home and God will raise him there. Period.So thank God for his resurrection because it’s going to happen.Trauma Dr: I’m sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what it feels like to lose a child.Me: I can’t imagine either cuz I haven’t. So.My child isn’t “lost” my child is sleeping while he walks with my beautiful Jesus. My King will send him back. I know this like I know my own name.”

Franky, the son of Laire Lightner, a respected prophet, was involved in the motorcycle accident on that fateful Saturday night. The crash resulted in grave injuries, and he has been tragically pronounced brain dead. Laire Lightner, his mother, is seeking a second opinion and considering transferring him to a trauma 1 ICU at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida. The family’s lawyer is actively working on facilitating this transfer to ensure Franky receives the best possible care.

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Tragically, accidents involving motorcycles have claimed the lives of young individuals like Spring Arbor Township resident Hunter Gosnell, who lost his life in a similar accident. These incidents serve as poignant reminders of the importance of road safety and the need for heightened awareness when on the road.

Laire Lightner, a prophet and Franky’s mother, has been vocal about her journey through this challenging time, highlighting the incredible support and love from the community. The prayers and well-wishes from her prayer warriors and the broader community continue to pour in, hoping for a miraculous recovery for Franky.

As the family navigates this heart-wrenching ordeal, they are leaning on their faith and the unwavering support of the community. Their plea for prayers and collective hope remains strong, as they cling to the possibility of a miracle that would see Franky recover from this tragic accident.

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