Frank Ambrosio Obituary: ‘Brother Frank TV’ YouTuber passes away

The sudden passing of Frank Ambrosio has left a profound sense of loss within the community, leaving family, friends, and followers mourning the departure of a cherished individual.

Frank Ambrosio was a man of diverse talents and passions. As a pastor, he dedicated himself to providing spiritual guidance and support to his community. Beyond his role as a spiritual leader, he explored the world of YouTube, establishing himself as a prominent paranormal investigator. Collaborating notably with Moe Sargi, another well-known figure in paranormal investigations, they shared their experiences on their YouTube channel. Frank’s collaborative spirit extended to various other paranormal investigators he worked with during his journey.

On YouTube, he garnered a dedicated following, with over 54.3K subscribers, and further engaged with approximately 14.4K followers on Instagram. His YouTube content primarily featured vlogs, offering glimpses into his adventures and experiences. Frank Ambrosio’s diverse life and captivating online presence deeply impacted the lives of many.

Known as Brother Frank TV on YouTube, Frank Ambrosio’s sudden passing at the age of 57 has left the community in profound sorrow. Friend and collaborator Moe Sargi grew concerned when he couldn’t reach Frank and took the initiative to request a wellness check from the police. Tragically, responding to the call, an officer discovered Frank’s lifeless body, revealing that he had been deceased for a few days. Recent updates from Moe Sargi’s channel unveiled that Frank was en route to a paranormal investigation when this distressing event transpired. Frank had been battling health issues and had openly shared his concerns regarding medication and overall well-being, intensifying worries among his close friends.

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Deeply affected by the loss of his dear friend, Moe Sargi confirmed Frank’s passing through a heartfelt comment on Frank’s Instagram page, ‘brotherfranktv,’ leaving the community to grieve the untimely departure of Brother Frank.

The unexpected departure of Frank Ambrosio has left an irreplaceable void in the hearts of those who knew and admired this remarkable individual.

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