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Flynn Belaine is a well-known American actress, author, and producer. She was previously married to American actor, writer, and producer Richard Pryor. She is best known for playing Donna/Dorian in the 1991 film “The Three Muscatels.”

Belaine also played the role of Janet in the 2001 film “the education of a Vampire.” She has worked in “the three muscatels” films in addition to being an actress. She served as executive producer on the same film.

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Flynn Belaine Age, Biography

Flynn Belaine has not disclosed any information about her exact birth date or place of birth. Belaine was born in the United States in the 1940s. Belaine has not revealed anything about her childhood, her parents, or what her parents did for a living. Likewise, Belaine has not disclosed any information about her siblings or other family members.

There is no information available about Flynn Belaine’s educational background, including her academic qualifications and the institutions she attended. According to Belaine’s educational background, she may be a university graduate unless she dropped out or quit her studies.

Flynn Belaine Age

Flynn Belaine Height & Weight

Flynn Belaine stands 5’6″ tall. Belaine has not revealed any details about her body measurements, such as her weight, breast size, hip size, waist size, shoe size, or dress size. She has a fair complexion and dark hair. Belaine, on the other hand, has beautiful and addictive dark brown eyes that complement her appearance.

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Flynn Belaine’s Husband

Flynn Belaine was married to Richard Pryor, an American actor, writer, and producer. Belaine and Pryor married in October 1986 and divorced two years later. Kelsey Pryor and Stephen Michael Pryor were born to Belaine and Pryor. Belaine has not disclosed any information about her previous or current relationships.

Flynn Belaine’s Net Worth

From 1986 to 2001, Flynn Belaine worked in the entertainment industry. Belaine has been active in this field for 15 years and has achieved enormous stardom and fortune as a result of her hard work and dedication. Belaine’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 600,000 as of August 2023.

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