Dita Beard Wikipedia, Watergate, Itt, Wiki

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Dita Beard Wikipedia, Watergate, Itt, Wiki

Dita Beard Wikipedia, Watergate, Itt, Wiki – In the second episode of White House Plumbers, Howard Hunt (Woody Harrelson) and Gordon Liddy (Justin Theroux) are planning bigger after proving themselves useful to the Nixon administration. However, they may not share the administration’s views on how to ensure President Nixon wins the election.

Dita Beard Wikipedia, Watergate, Itt, WikiDita Beard Wikipedia, Watergate, Itt, Wiki

A new scandal from the White House involves a 1972 Republican National Convention lobbyist, and a memo offers an opportunity to fix that. In addition, Hunt and Liddy received approval for Nixon’s plan to bring down the White House.

However, what percentage of what we witness in White House Plumbers episode 2 is true and what percentage is fabricated? We are here to make that clear by describing Dita Beard’s background, the events surrounding her testimony, and the precise nature of Project Opal.

Who is Dita Beard?

In the first scene of the episode, lobbyist Dita Beard (Kathleen Turner) is typing a memo confirming that the International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (ITT), the company she works for, has paid $400,000 for hotel rooms in San Diego to Republicans in the 1972 National Convention in exchange for the Justice Department settling an antitrust lawsuit. She mentions Nixon’s attorney general, John Mitchell (John Carroll Lyncy), in the document.

A reporter named Jack Anderson discovered the letter in the early months of 1972 and published a story about it, leading to a Senate investigation with Beard as the lead witness. Hunt and Liddy can help with it.

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At first, Liddy meets with Beard and informs her that if she had a medical emergency, including finding out about her heart problem and being held in a Denver hospital, they could stop her. prevent her from testifying and any consequences if she misses it. However, Senate Democrats are adamant about holding the hearing and plan to travel to Denver to hear her testimony in person. At that point, Hunt visits Beard and convinces her to claim the memo is fake even though she knows it’s not. Hunt pledged Republican support in exchange for a future payment from the ITT.

Beard agrees to this and confirms in writing that this document is forged. The memo poll will be ending soon.

Project Opal called by Watergate?

Hunt and Liddy are devising a number of new schemes to get information and use blackmail to blackmail Democrats, including paying prostitutes to provide entertainment to party members. Democracy on a yacht during the 1972 Democratic National Convention in Miami. They are having great success in episode one. Project Gemstone, as it is known, is the generic term for several proposals.

All of these concepts were refuted by John Mitchell, who advised them to move on. Mitchell decided to approve their plan, but only one – Project Opal, an oversight activity at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel – after they assisted in resolving the crisis. Beard.

The Gemstone project has been widely covered by Politico (opens in new tab) and it contains as many weird ideas as the ones in the episode, if not more.

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First, we have to point out a brief scene in which Liddy surreptitiously grabs a package from the sidewalk containing proposed drawings. According to the Politico story, this seems to have actually happened.

Let’s go back to Project Gemstone, though. Most of the initiatives Liddy discusses in the episode are real and have gem names, including the Miami boat (Project Crystal), the spy plane (Project Emerald), and the kidnapping of people. Protest outside the Republican National Convention (Project Diamond). Project Opal is a series of four heist plots (Opal I through Opal IV) specifically designed to target the campaign headquarters of Democratic candidates.

In the end, Mitchell received a scaled-down version of Liddy’s plans, which he accepted after a few months and with a budget of $250,000, with the DNC office at the Watergate Hotel being one of the initial targets. head.

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