Georgia Kreischer- All About Comedian Bert Kreischer’s Daughter

Georgia Kreischer (born 2004; age 18) is the first daughter of famous American comedian Bert Kreischer. Georgia was born into a famous family, so media attention has followed her since birth.

Quick Info

First and last name Georgia Kreischer
Sex Female
Date of birth June 8, 2004
Year old 18 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac sign Gemini
Place of birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Current accommodation Los Angeles, California, USA
Nationality American
nation White
Religion Christianity
sex Straight
Height in feet 5’5”
Height in centimeters 165
Weight in pounds 123
Weight in kilograms 56
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
relationship status Single
Dad Bert Kreischer
Mom LeeAnn Kreischer
Siblings first
Education Louisville High School

Georgia Kreischer Age & Biography

Georgia Kreischer was born on June 8, 2004 and is 18 years old. However, we can confirm that she was born in Los Angeles, California, to Bert Kreischer and his wife LeeAnn Kreischer. Her parents named her Georgia after her mother’s place of birth.

Georgia comes from a mixed family, but specifics have not been revealed. However, she is American by nationality because she was born in the United States. She also grew up in California, where she was born. Georgia grew up with an older sister named Ila Kreischer, with whom she has a close relationship.

Georgia Kreischer Age

Georgia is still pursuing her education, but the name of the institution where she attended has not been made public. According to reports, she attended a private high school in California and graduated with honors. However, it is unclear whether she attended college or not. Despite their involvement in the media, Bert and LeeAnn value their family’s privacy and protect their children from prying eyes.

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What exactly does she do for a living?

Georgia Kreischer is a high school graduate in 2022. She’s still living with her parents at the age of 19 and is focused on completing her education to the best of her ability.

Georgia lives with her celebrity parents, who often carry her around, although it’s not determined by profession. She has appeared a few times on her parents’ podcast and has made a big impression on her fans. She and her sister also contributed to the content her parents provided in their daily routine.

As a result, Georgia Kreischer will likely follow in her parents’ footsteps into the entertainment industry. She could follow in her father’s footsteps and become a comedian and podcaster. She might as well follow in her mother’s footsteps and become an actress. However, as we’ve seen with some of the celebrity kids, she could move away from showbiz.

Parents Georgia Kreischer

Bert and LeeAnn Kreischer, Georgia’s parents, are still together, and their love story deserves to be considered a romantic comedy. Bert was immediately attracted to LeeAnn and wished to have a relationship with her when they first met, but the gesture was unrequited. Their first meeting didn’t seem to go well, and their second meeting didn’t get any better either. Bert continued to chill with LeAnn, but fate had other plans for them.

Ila Kreischer

For the couple, the third time was a blessing, as LeeAnn began to develop a crush on Bert. They meet again at a bowling alley and exchange phone numbers. They hadn’t been in touch for a while and interestingly, it was LeeAnn who contacted Bert first. He didn’t contact her right after getting her number, so she decided to call him and they started dating. They dated for a while before getting married in December 2003.

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Georgia Kreischer’s parents have been married for about two decades and nothing seems to happen between them. They are one of the famous couples who have been able to balance their busy schedules with family life. Bert and LeeAnn are both media personalities. They have worked on various projects individually and as co-managers.

Georgia Kreischer has a sister named Ila

Georgia Kreischer’s parents, Bert and LeeAnn, had two children during their long marriage: Georgia and sister Ila Kreischer. She is the first child of the couple, welcomed a year after the wedding day. In 2007, Georgia had a sister named Ila. Ila is her only sibling, and like Georgia, Ila’s exact date of birth is unknown.

The two sisters are extremely close and live with their parents. Ila Kreischer has shown no interest in any career path, but she still has years ahead and plenty of time to decide.

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