Durel Parents: Where Is He From? The Voice Kid Winner Ethnicity And Family

Durel is the most recent singing star to win the ninth season of “The Voice Kids.” Learn about his parents, Durel Origine, and his astonishing rise to prominence to discover his musical beginnings and everlasting passion. He managed to attract both the crowd and the judges throughout the competition, thanks to his remarkable vocal skills and performances. Durel’s final performance of Charles Aznavour’s ‘La Bohême’ was exceptionally heartbreaking and emotionally compelling, contributing to his triumph in the competition.

He sang ‘L’hymne à l’amour’ by Édith Piaf with Chimène Badi. Slimane and Chimène Badi, his tutors, commended Durel’s distinct voice, honesty, and interpretative abilities. His performances affected them, with Slimane saying that Durel’s skill reminded him why he and others work in music. Furthermore, there was a significant social media trend confirming Durel’s triumph. Throughout the evening, many tweets applauded his remarkable skill and performances, with some individuals expecting a great future for him regardless of the result of the competition.

Durel Parents Origin and Musical Roots

Durel, the young winner, has always been interested in music and performance. Around the age of 5-6, he began singing and performing in performances. Durel Origine’s parents are from Brunoy, which is situated in the Essonne department of France’s Île-de-France region. During the COVID epidemic, when other outside activities were restricted owing to the lockdown, he concentrated on singing. Guychelle, his mother, supported his musical talents and even arranged for him to attend online singing lessons.

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Guychelle, Durel’s mother, said that Durel’s participation in acting came about via an artistic organization that assists ambitious young talents in finding parts. While there isn’t much information about his father online, his mother, Guychelle, has always been there for him. Guychelle said in an article,

I knew Durel was exceptional even when he was small because he would dance in front of the TV to impress his family. I didn’t want his potential to go to waste, so I signed him up with this fantastic talent agency, and his career started.

Life Before the Camera: Childhood Affection for The Voice Kids

Durel had already auditioned for ‘The Voice Kids’ two years ago but was unsuccessful. Prior to appearing on ‘The Voice Kids,’ Durel was chosen to act on stage in shows such as “Les mystérieuses cités d’or” at Paris’ Théâtre des Variétés. He was also engaged in projects like Netflix’s ‘Le roi des ombres,’ in which he collaborated with rapper Kaaris. In addition, he co-starred in a spin-off of the American television series ‘The Walking Dead’ alongside Norman Reedus.

During the season, Durel experienced a typical adolescent phenomenon: his voice began to shift (muted). This adjustment presented some difficulties for him, particularly when it came to striking high notes during his appearances. Between the original shooting of the show’s early stages, the recording of the semi-finals in January, and the live finale, his voice altered.


Despite winning ‘The Voice Kids,’ Durel is still a typical adolescent. After the finale, he will return to school the following week. He joked that he missed his lessons since the songs from the tournament took up so much mental space. While any parent would be pleased to see their child thrive, Durel Origine parents were overjoyed when their child won the coveted competition.

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