Dane Forester of Exeter, award-winning tattoo artist, dies in car accident at 35

Okehampton, Devon – The tragic loss of Dane Forester, a 35-year-old award-winning tattoo artist from Okehampton, has left his family, friends, and the community in profound grief. Dane Forester lost his life in a devastating road accident on the B3215 near Sampford Courtenay. The accident occurred around 4:40 pm BST, resulting in serious injuries that led to his untimely passing.

Dane Forester’s family has paid a heartfelt tribute to their beloved son and father, describing him as “talented” and “loving.” His sudden and heartbreaking demise has left a void that can never be filled, and his memory will forever be cherished by those who knew him.

Dane Forester was a devoted father to his two daughters, aged 10 and 8, and a multi-award-winning tattoo artist. A decade ago, he made the move from West Sussex to Devon, initially residing in South Zeal and later in Okehampton.

His career in tattoo artistry spanned an impressive 16 years, during which he founded the Image Tattoo studio in Exeter. His studio quickly gained immense popularity, thanks to his unique style and exceptional artistic talent. Clients sought out Dane’s work, making him a highly sought-after tattoo artist in the industry.

Dane’s dedication to his craft earned him numerous awards, showcasing his exceptional talent and contributions to the world of tattooing. Over time, he expanded his business and welcomed several other talented artists into his studio, further cementing his reputation in the industry.

Outside of his work, Dane Forester was a man who lived life to the fullest. He had a passion for climbing mountains, with recent climbs in Iceland. Fishing and maintaining his fitness were also among his interests. Dane’s zest for life extended beyond tattoo artistry – he excelled in sign writing and had begun offering sought-after motorbike resprays.

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He enjoyed a wide range of activities, from poker evenings with friends to distilling his own rum and gin. He even ventured into strongman competitions, showcasing his competitive spirit and enthusiasm for new challenges.

The heartfelt tribute from Dane Forester’s family conveyed their deep love and appreciation for him. They described him as a devoted father who was always there for his daughters, a committed and thoughtful dad. Beyond his role as a tattoo artist, Dane’s versatility and adventurous spirit were evident in his various pursuits.

In a touching tribute, Image Tattoo studio in Exeter, where Dane made his mark, paid homage to their “leader.” They expressed their profound sadness at his passing and shared their commitment to keeping Image Tattoo open to continue his legacy.

While Dane Forester may no longer be with us, his memory will endure in the hearts of his family, friends, colleagues, and the community he touched with his talent, warmth, and zest for life.

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