Chelsie Alcivar NYC Department of Education Teacher passes away in New York

New York City, NY – The educational community is mourning the loss of Chelsie Alcivar, a dedicated teacher with the NYC Department of Education, who has passed away, leaving those who knew her devastated. The sad news was confirmed through a heartfelt Facebook post that expressed the deep connection and friendship shared among Chelsie and her close friends.

“The universe sent me Chelsie — my cousin, my pri — and gave me a best friend in the same breath. As an inseparable girl group, Bella, Chelsie, Ashley, Cyndel, and I spent countless days and nights in Queens together, only after relentless pleas to both our mothers for a sleepover,” the post lamented.

The cause of Chelsie Alcivar’s untimely death has not been disclosed, adding to the shock and sorrow surrounding her passing.

Chelsie’s educational journey was marked by a commitment to learning and a passion for teaching. She attended The Mary Louis Academy from 2010 to 2014, earning her High School Diploma. Continuing her studies at St. Francis College from 2014 to 2018, she achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and Teaching. Furthering her dedication to education, Chelsie pursued a Master of Science degree in Literacy at Queens College in 2022.

As a teacher at the NYC Department of Education, Chelsie brought warmth and inclusivity to her classroom. Her teaching philosophy was rooted in ensuring every student felt acknowledged and heard. Beyond the curriculum, she invested time in understanding each student’s individual strengths, challenges, and aspirations, creating a tight-knit community within her classroom.

Chelsie’s affable demeanor extended to her teaching methodologies, incorporating innovative and engaging techniques to cater to diverse learning styles. Her commitment to inclusivity fostered an empowering atmosphere, inspiring students to embrace their individuality and nurturing a passion for learning beyond the traditional classroom setting.

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The NYC Department of Education and the broader educational community mourn the loss of a remarkable educator whose impact reached far beyond textbooks, creating a lasting legacy of compassion, inclusivity, and a genuine love for learning.

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