Zach Wilson Age: How Old Is He? New York Jets Quarterback Career And Girlfriend

Zach Wilson is the current quarterback for the New York Jets. He was born on August 3, 1999, making him 24 years old in 2023. Given his talents and fame in the National Football League (NFL), this may come as a surprise to many. Wilson’s age greatly impacts how he is seen in the NFL world, blending youth with a fantastic career trajectory. The New York Jets’ quarterback is Zach Wilson, who is recognized for his dramatic performances and bright future. His young age of 24 adds a fascinating dimension to his rising NFL reputation.

Zach Wilson’s Professional Career

As the quarterback for the New York Jets, Zach is very proud of his team. Wilson has three years of NFL experience, having honed his abilities since his collegiate days at Brigham Young University (BYU).

Zach Wilson’s Athletic History

Zach Wilson has been a standout athlete since his high school days. His progression from high school to college and then to the professional league demonstrates his swift and amazing advancement in the football world.

Zach Wilson

Nicolette Dellanno Is the Girlfriend of Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson’s personal life also garners interest outside of the stadium. He has been in a relationship with influencer Nicolette Dellanno since 2022, which has given his public presence a new depth.

Zach Wilson’s Commitment to the Jets

Despite the difficulties, the New York Jets continue to back Zach Wilson. Jets head coach Robert Saleh has been especially emphatic in underlining the team’s devotion to Wilson, regardless of the obstacles.

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Zach Wilson Recent Work

Wilson has received a lot of great attention during the New York Jets training camp. His significant progress has created enthusiasm and expectation for the impending 2023 games.

Zach Wilson


Zach Wilson, at the age of 24, has tremendous NFL potential and skill. From his personal life to his athletic background to his prospective professional trajectory, he is a player to keep an eye on. Keep an eye on him as he progresses through the league.

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