Will Marilyn Monroe’s home be demolished? Iconic star house considered for historic status

On Friday, September 8, 2023, the Los Angeles City Council came to the rescue of the iconic Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe’s historic Brentwood home, temporarily preventing its demolition by unanimous vote. This momentous decision ensures the preservation of a piece of Hollywood history where Monroe lived and created some of her most iconic work.

Monroe, renowned for her “blonde bombshell” roles in 1950s films, purchased the Spanish colonial-themed house in 1962, marking the only property she owned independently following her divorce from playwright Arthur Miller. The Brentwood residence, valued at $75,000 according to the Los Angeles Times, held sentimental value for the legendary actress.

Tragically, Monroe passed away at the age of 36 due to a barbiturate overdose on Fifth Helena Drive in Brentwood on August 4, 1962. In 2017, the 2,900-square-foot house changed hands when it was acquired by Glory of the Snow LLC for $7.25 million.

Recently, the property came under the ownership of Glory of the Snow Trust, who purchased it for $8.35 million earlier this year. Their request to demolish the historic home raised eyebrows when it landed on the desks of the Department of Building and Safety, which issued the permit on Tuesday, September 5, as reported by CNN.

However, a groundswell of support from Marilyn Monroe’s fans emerged, leading to an influx of requests to save the historical residence. Councilwoman Traci Park’s office, representing the 11th District, was inundated with pleas from Monroe’s admirers. Park, recognizing the significance of the home, swiftly called for an emergency motion at the Los Angeles City Council meeting on September 8, proposing that the house should be designated a city historic-cultural monument.

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Yes I know there are bigger things going on but they’re trying to demo Marilyn Monroe’s house and I’m very against that. Few icons in Hollywood can have their entire life traced in the TMZ. Email [email protected] to support making the house a historical landmark.

— 🔥 🏠 with a Y 🏠 🔥 (@wyntermitchell) September 6, 2023

In her statement to the Council, Park emphasized her role as the custodian of the district housing Monroe’s final residence and spoke passionately about preserving the city’s rich history and heritage. She highlighted the importance of Monroe’s home as a place where the actress lived, created her iconic work, and where fans paid their respects.

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed the motion, resulting in a 180-day halt to the demolition of Marilyn Monroe’s home. During this period, the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission will assess the property to determine its suitability for listing as a historic cultural monument.

California BrentwoodMarilyn Monroe ‘s House#MarilynMonroe pic.twitter.com/vKmmxfFg1l

— Marilyn Monroe Glam (@MarilynGlam26) September 7, 2023

While some argue that the City Council should focus on the ongoing homeless crisis in Los Angeles, others firmly believe in preserving the historical significance of Monroe’s residence as a representation of women’s history. The reasons behind the Glory of the Snow Trust’s demolition request remain undisclosed, with no official statements issued on the matter as of now.

Amy Kohn, the executive director of Hollywood Heritage, expressed cautious optimism, noting that the motion represents a “step in the right direction” for preserving a piece of Hollywood’s storied past.

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