Who Is Christy Dignam Wife? Wiki & Age Explore

Christy Dignam was a well-known Irish musician who was the main vocalist of the iconic Irish rock band Aslan. Dignam has a lengthy history on the scene. Christy went on to record singles with the band, including This Is, Please Don’t Stop, Loving Me Lately, Pretty Thing, and Feel No Shame.

Dignam also had a solo career and published his first solo album, The Man Who Stayed Alive, which peaked at number 7 on the Official Charts Company’s Irish Albums Chart Top 50. Dignam was doing well in his personal life as well since he was married to his loving wife, Kathryn Dignam, who is grieving the loss.

Christy Dignam’s Wife Kathryn Dignam: Who Is She?

Kathryn Dignam is the late singer Christy Dignam’s wife. The pair had been married for over four decades and were one of the most popular. Dignam revealed how he met his wife in 2019. Christy claimed that they met when they were 14 and have been together ever since. They quickly fell in love and started dating. Christy and his wife Kathryn had been in a love relationship for a long time when they decided to take their relationship to the next level. So, in the company of their family and close friends, the couple went down the aisle in 1988. Later, the couple bought their first property for IR£11,000, but they later sold it for IR£29,000.

Christy Dignam

Kathryn Dignam Wiki and Age

Kathryn Dignam is well known as the late singer Christy Dignam’s wife. Kathryn is supposed to be a hairdresser. Meanwhile, her age is unknown, although she may be about the same age as her boyfriend. The Dignams were married for a long period, and Christy was never afraid to speak publicly about their relationship. Christy spent extra time with his wife during the COVID-19 epidemic. The late musician was very fond of his wife and often praised her in interviews. Kathryn was there for her husband on his good and bad days. Not to mention that Dignam was hooked to heroin and was taking it in secret. But later, Kathryn discovered the truth, and he spoke up about it, stating, “From the moment she found out, I knew I couldn’t fool her again.”

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Christy Dignam

Christy Dignam with her daughter Kiera

Christy Dignam and his wife Kathryn Dignam had been married for over 40 years and had created their own family. Kiera, their daughter, was born. Christy was overjoyed when her daughter Kiera was born. Kiera is also a vocalist who is doing rather well in her professional career. Meanwhile, Kiera is already married and the mother of two boys, Cian and Jake, as well as a daughter, Ava. Keira’s wedding images are also widely available on the Internet. Christy Dignam died on June 13, 2023, at the age of 63, leaving the Dignam family in sadness.

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