Who was Alexander Talcott? Lawyer and Activist found fatally stabbed in new hampshire residence

In a devastating turn of events, Alexander Talcott, a distinguished 41-year-old lawyer, prominent Republican party activist, and educator, was tragically discovered stabbed to death on Sunday, August 27, 2023. The State’s Attorney General’s office has confirmed the unsettling news, launching an active investigation into the matter which is currently being treated as a homicide. The individuals responsible for this heinous crime have been identified by authorities, although their identities remain undisclosed to the public at this time.

At the time of his untimely demise, Talcott held a significant role as the head of the New Hampshire Chapter of the National Lawyers Association. Additionally, he was the founder of the New Constellation Capital real estate firm and also imparted his expertise as a teacher of corporate finance and business law at the University of New Hampshire’s esteemed Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics.

BREAKING: Officials identify 41 year old Alexander Talcott as the man found dead in a Durham home early Saturday morning

He died from a stab wound to the neck. Police still determining whether or not the person who stabbed him acted in self defense

No arrests have been made

— Imani Fleming (@ImaniWMUR) August 27, 2023

Well-regarded as a driving force within the Republican National Lawyers Association, Talcott had been entrusted with the leadership of the New Hampshire Chapter since 2021. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he cherished family values, being a dedicated father to his three children. In an interview with the New York Post, Talcott expressed his aspiration to emulate the legacy of Willy Wonka, aiming to pass down his wisdom and principles to his offspring.

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William O’Brien, the state director of the New Hampshire Republican National Lawyers Association, acknowledged Talcott’s exceptional contributions, remarking that his work will continue to inspire those within the legal sphere. Talcott’s impact on his community extended far beyond his legal career. In a candid conversation with Authority Magazine last November, he recounted how his trajectory towards a legal profession began as early as the third grade, when he met a state assemblyman in New York. This encounter left an indelible mark, shaping his perspective on the transformative power of law and governance.

Republican legal activist Alexander Talcott, 41, was fatally stabbed in his New Hampshire home. A well-respected lawyer, his unwavering dedication to the core values of the Republican Party and fair elections is remembered by many. #AlexanderTalcott #RepublicanActivist pic.twitter.com/bfsxkSqDH8

— US-Crimes (@OfficialUScrime) August 28, 2023

“I take my thinking about a legal career back to third grade, when my state assemblyman in New York visited class… He showed us a piece of paper that was the bill he introduced in the legislature to clean up a local pond… I was the one student who asked for his autograph, and I have that signed bill to this day. It was an ‘aha’ moment about how big things can get done around me,” Talcott had eloquently shared.

Talcott’s intellectual journey included pursuits at the prestigious Notre Dame Law School and Dartmouth College. His commitment to civic causes and Republican principles was unwavering. Fondly remembered by friends and colleagues as a staunch advocate for the core values of the Republican party, Talcott’s legacy will undoubtedly endure.

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As the investigation into this tragedy unfolds, the community mourns the loss of a remarkable individual whose influence extended across legal, political, and educational spheres.

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