Who Is Rudy Garcia From “Dance 100”?

Dance 100, Netflix’s upcoming dance challenge, puts seasoned artists to the ultimate test. They will be asked to appear on the show to demonstrate their abilities, but they will also be asked to compose shows for large groups to showcase their abilities. Rudy Garcia, who earned a black belt in Karate at the age of 14, is one of the candidates scheduled to appear on the Netflix show. He started learning Karate at the age of 8 and loved it because it brought order and control into his life. The first season of Dance 100 on Netflix will air on Friday, March 17, at 3:01 a.m. ET.

Rudy Garcia’s only wish was to dance.

Rudy Garcia, an American dancer and director born in Miami, Florida, is one of eight dancers scheduled to take part in Netflix’s upcoming dance challenge. Although he has always been involved in art and all things creative, he said in an interview with Voyage MIA that he could never have envisioned himself working in the arts when still young. During the conversation, he said that his father signed him up for Karate when he was 8 years old, and by the age of 14, he had achieved a black belt. He went on to add that the framework and discipline it provided him prepared him to dance.

When asked when he started performing, he said:

“In 2009, my aunt, Susie Garcia, founded her own dance school. I was ready to dive in and sign up for a dance class. “From the moment I stepped foot in the studio, I knew dancing would be a part of my life for the rest of my life.”

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Rudy Garcia

The Dance 100 contestant said it felt “natural” to him and that he worked hard because he knew he wanted to be the best. Rudy attended New World School of Art, but he was rejected the first time he auditioned for the school. He just wanted to dance, but after high school, he wasn’t positive about what he wanted to do. He chose to enroll in New World after thinking for a while. However, he failed to impress the teacher during the academy audition because he arrived in a sweat and didn’t know that underpants were required for the audition.

However, three months later, the Dance 100 member returned and was approved. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the school in 2017. When asked about his college experience, he said:

“Those four years were the hardest of my life because I was in college, instructing and training in my aunt’s ballet school, and performing professionally. During that time, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the greatest Latin artists in the world, including Maluma, J Blavin, Daddy Yankee, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony and others.”

Rudy Garcia

He has been a performer for 13 years and has studied in many different genres, but he excels and guides Jazz, Funk and Contemporary. Rudy will join Netflix’s dance series on Friday, March 17.

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