Who Is Maya Oakley? All About The Daughter Of Dr. Michelle Oakley

Maya Oakley is a veterinarian who is best known as the daughter of Dr. Michelle Oakley, a veterinarian and TV personality. Maya has progressively made her mark in the animal care system since her mother is a well-known figure in the veterinary sector. So, let’s get to know Oakley a little more, starting with her family, schooling, and decision to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Who Is Maya Oakley’s Father?

Dr. Michelle Oakley and Shane Oakley are her parents. Her mother is a well-known veterinarian in Canada, and her father, Shane, is a fireman. Michelle, her mother, is well-known for her role in Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet. In addition, the experienced TV personality helps animals in Haines Junction, Yukon, and Haines, Alaska. She studied Zoology at the University of Michigan and graduated in 1991. She then proceeded to the Atlantic Veterinary College and interned at the Calgary Zoo. Her kids rightly share her love for preserving all types of animals. As a result, all of her girls have been aiding their mother at all of the vet appointments.

Her Father and Mother Married In 1992

Maya’s parents have been happily married for many decades, in addition to their successful professional lives. The Oakleys married in Hawaii in December 1992. In terms of their initial encounter, they happened to run into each other in Yukon.

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Maya Oakley

Maya Oakley has two younger sisters.

The 24-year-old is the middle kid between her older sister, Sierra, and her younger sister, Willow. All three siblings have been on their mother’s National Geographic episode, Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet. Sierra, Maya’s older sister, appears on the program with her mother on a regular basis. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 2019 from St. Francis Xavier University. Sierra, like Maya, is active on social media, often uploading images of her daily life.Willow Oakley, aged 18, is a college student who took a year off after graduating from high school.

What Is Maya Oakley’s Job?

Oakley works as a veterinary technician to help her mother. She has been on her mother’s program, Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet, multiple times with her sister, Sierra. In the program, she has shown significant development in her abilities as a vet tech and is often accompanying her mother and sister to various sites where they treat animals.

Maya Finished College After Receiving Covid-19.

Maya received her college diploma shortly after recovering from Covid, according to her mother. In the middle of the epidemic, Oakley contracted Covid-19 in 2020. But she got through it absolutely well, and Oakley graduated from college only a few weeks after going through Covid. Her pre-vet degree was obtained at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada. She previously graduated from Notre Dame High School. Maya chose veterinary medicine because of her scholastic background and her mother’s encouragement.

Maya Oakley

Is Maya Oakley Dating Anyone?

Maya does not seem to be in a relationship right now. While she is a young girl with a bright job, it seems that her relationships are strictly for herself. Her social media postings are full of her hangouts with pals, but none of them hint at a prospective relationship.

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Net Worth

Maya now has a net worth of at least $400k. She’s made enough money by taking her mum to veterinarian visits. Needless to say, her employment in TV series has been her primary source of revenue.

Maya Oakley’s Stand On Social Inequality

Maya is undeniably an activist, with her Instagram stories filled with messages against the criminal justice system and her support for Black Lives Matter. She also published a series of blogs against the heartbeat measure. Another serious issue she addressed in her posts was gun violence in the United States.

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