Goran Gogic Arrest: What Did He Do? Trafficking And Charges Details

Where was Goran Gogic arrested for smuggling over 20 tons of cocaine? People want to hear about the breaking news concerning Goran’s arrest. Goran Gogic is a former heavyweight boxing champion and professional fighter. He has been a fighter for about 12 years, and many people had never heard of him until the news broke. Many individuals have raised concerns regarding his arrest and charges.

Goran Gogic Was Arrested for Trafficking 22 Tons of Cocaine

He was apprehended on October 30th at Miami overseas Airport while trying to board an overseas aircraft. The cocaine was worth $1 million, and he was attempting to deal in a foreign country. According to prosecution records, he planned with others between May and July 2019 to transport enormous amounts of cocaine using commercial cargo ships.

Goran Gogic

In the case of Gogica, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York stated, “Gogic, as alleged, is a major drug trafficker who, along with his criminal associates, is responsible for overseeing long-distance narcotics transportation on container ships as well as the wholesale distribution of cocaine throughout Europe.” Many others also said that a single person could not handle this much cocaine; the case involves a large number of persons. Furthermore, the inquiry is still underway, thus much information is yet unknown. More persons engaged in the case, hopefully, will come out shortly.

Goran Gogic, a Former Boxer, Was Arrested and Charged.

On October 30, Gogic was detained for breaching the Maritime Drug Law Enforcement Act and for violating the Maritime Drug Law Enforcement Act. According to the source, he was discovered with more than 20 tons of cocaine at a Miami International Airport while attempting to flee. According to the court, Gogic faces a minimum penalty of ten years in jail and a maximum term of life in prison. The ChargeCharge has not yet been cleared.

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According to reports, he had a significant criminal network for the delivery of one million dollars worth of cocaine. Cocaine was not provided all at once; it was put in the boxer in varied quantities at different periods. The 20 tons of cocaine cannot be provided at the same time; it is too much to go past security. Gogic was charged with drug use, however, he was only charged with a little quantity and freed. But this time, he may face life in prison or more than 10 years in prison. However, the actual length of his incarceration has not been made public. More details are currently unknown; perhaps, we will be updated after some time.

Goran Gogic

Gorgan Gogic Net Worth 2023

How much did the boxer make before the drug scandal? People have been keen to learn more. According to sources, Gogic’s net worth in the current year is $1 million. His principal source of income was his boxing profession; he participated in various boxing programs. Aside from boxing, he has not disclosed any information about his other professions or projects. He may also have a company and assets to supplement his income.

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