Who Is David Holt? Meet 38th Mayor of Oklahoma City: Wiki And Political Career

David Holt is a name that has constantly made news in recent years. Holt was elected as Oklahoma City’s 38th mayor in 2018 with 78.5% of the vote, a remarkable performance given it is the highest percentage attained by a non-incumbent since 1947. His re-election in 2022 cemented his status even further, with more votes than any mayoral candidate since 1959. David Holt is the first Native American mayor of Oklahoma City, making history.

David Holt Political Career

David Holt’s political odyssey has been nothing short of remarkable. In 2018, he became the 38th mayor of Oklahoma City, a key milestone in his career. His 78.5% winning margin established a record that has not been broken since 1947. In 2022, he resumed his winning record, receiving more votes than any other mayoral candidate since 1959. Aside from that, Holt’s election as the city’s first Native American mayor improves his already illustrious career.

David Holt Background Information

David Holt, who was born on March 10, 1979, has several dimensions to his personality and profession. He is not only an excellent attorney and businessman, but he is also a Republican politician. Furthermore, Holt’s popularity goes beyond politics, as he holds the prestigious post of dean, demonstrating his dedication to education and community development.

David Holt

David Holt The Public Image

When delving further into who David Holt is, one cannot ignore his contributions to arts and culture. Holt, a four-time Grammy Award winner, is more than simply a politician. He is a musician, narrator, and historian. Furthermore, his television presence, notably as the presenter of the PBS series “David Holt’s State of Music,” demonstrates his commitment to conserving and promoting traditional American music.

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David Holt’s Online Presence

In today’s digital world, engaging with the people is critical. David Holt is fully aware of this. With over 100,000 followers, he stays active on social media, often updating his fans on events in Oklahoma City and sharing morsels from his personal life.

Future Projects and Plans for David Holt

When answering the question “Who is David Holt,” it’s critical to acknowledge his imaginative aspirations for Oklahoma City. His first priority is to construct a new downtown arena specifically designed for the Oklahoma City Thunder. In addition, his emphasis on infrastructure, affordable housing, and public transit demonstrates his commitment to making the city more sustainable and habitable.

Beyond Politics, David Holt’s Contributions

Holt’s heart beats for the community outside of politics. He is an active member of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City. His co-founding of the Oklahoma City Dream Team, a nonprofit dedicated to the benefit of the city’s youth, demonstrates his dedication to social advancement.

David Holt

David Holt’s Private Life

Aside from his professional obligations, Holt is a devoted husband to Rachel Holt and a devoted father to his two children, George and Margaret. St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church provides spiritual peace for the family.


To merely inquire, “Who is David Holt?” is to ignore a guy who is passionately engaged to his community. As the 38th mayor of Oklahoma City, his leadership promises the city’s inhabitants continuous progress and prosperity.

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