Who Is Bliss Poureetezadi From “Love is Blind” Season 4?

The new season of Love is Blind is finally here, with participants looking for their life companions without ever seeing them. Following in the footsteps of last year, 30 candidates have joined to discover their ideal partner. The first stage is communication via pods, followed by the marriage proposal and ultimately the wedding day. It will be intriguing to see which pair discovers their spiritual partner while this season of Love is Blind is in process.

The first five segments of the show were aired on March 24, and one of the candidates who has received a lot of attention from her admirers is Bliss Poureetezadi. Fans appear to admire her for her flexibility as a person and her desire for both affection and achievement. She is presently employed as a top manager at The Walt Disney Company. This time, she’s looking for any red signals in a guy because she’s very specific about her love partner participating in the trial.


According to Love is Blind competitor Bliss Poureetezadi, “emotional support” is the basis of real love.

Bliss Poureetezadi was born in 1989 in Washington, DC, and hails from a household of teachers. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Gonzaga University. She also finished South Puget Sound Community College’s Associate of Arts (A.A.) Running Start Program. In 2014, she began working as a senior quality control researcher for Ocean Beauty Seafoods. She is presently employed by Disney as a top manager. She has also served as a Program Manager at Microsoft and as a Sales Operations Lead at Nayamode.

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Bliss Poureetezadi

According to her Netflix profile, her ideal partner possesses the following characteristics:

“Bliss is tired of disregarding warning signs after courting the “wrong guys” in previous partnerships. She may be culpable of “hitting the snooze button a thousand times,” but she’s looking for “someone who loves me for who I am and not how I look” in the pods. True love, according to Bliss, is based on “emotional support” and the capacity to connect.

Season 4 of Love is Blind has arrived, complete with five episodes.

Vanessa Lachey and Nick Lachey not only present the program Love is Blind, but they also serve as guides for each person to help them finish their love path. Singles from Seattle, Washington, are engaging through audio-connected containers without ever seeing each other. The pair will only be allowed to meet once they have chosen to get married.

The pair will go to Mexico for their vacation as soon as they are betrothed. In a later broadcast, fans will see how they will meet their partner’s family and acquaintances in reality.

According to the Netflix synopsis for Love is Blind season 4,

“In Seattle, singles who want to be loved for who they are have opted for a less traditional approach to modern dating, and will choose someone to marry without ever meeting them.” The recently betrothed couples will move in together, plan their nuptials, and see if their bodily link equals their powerful emotional tie established in the Pods over the course of several weeks.”

Bliss Poureetezadi

Furthermore, it states:

“Will real-world realities and external factors drive them apart on their wedding day, or will they marry the person they fell madly in love with?” This engrossing 12-episode series, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, will reveal whether features, ethnicity, or age matter, or if love truly is blind.”

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Watch the newest episode of Love is Blind season 4 on Netflix.

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