What is Manon Lagreve Age? know about her Bake Off

In a fairytale wedding that unfolded at a picturesque French chateau in Louvigné-du-Désert, French Baker and 2018 GBBO star Manon, 26, exchanged vows with her partner Luke Bennett over the weekend. Born and raised in France, Manon celebrated her nuptials in her hometown, surrounded by the enchanting beauty of a French chateau.

The couple’s 12-month-old daughter, Fleur, played a special role as the adorable flower girl, adding a touch of sweetness to the ceremony. Fleur donned a charming dress with a heartfelt message embroidered in French on the back, expressing love for her mom and dad.

Manon, radiant in her role as the beautiful bride, graced the occasion in an off-the-shoulder white gown featuring bardot sleeves and an elegant cut-out, making for a stunning and memorable entrance into marital bliss.

The newlyweds took to Instagram on Monday, sharing an intimate glimpse into their wedding day through a series of breathtaking snapshots, giving followers a front-row seat to the romance and joy that defined their special celebration. The enchanting ceremony and the couple’s commitment to love were captured in each frame, leaving fans and well-wishers captivated by the magic of the moment.

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