What happened at Dundee-Crown High School? School targeted by fake school shooting report, authorities launch investigation

Carpentersville’s Dundee-Crown High School was thrown into a state of lockdown on Wednesday, August 30, following a bogus 911 call that falsely reported a school shooting in progress. Swiftly responding to the call, officials and law enforcement personnel converged on the suburban school, only to discover that the alarming reports of gunfire were an elaborate prank.

In a formal announcement, the Kane County Attorney’s Office declared its intention to pursue charges against the individual responsible for the malicious hoax. The office conveyed in a statement:

“Regarding the situation at Dundee-Crown High School, we await an investigation to evaluate potential charges. While we are relieved that everyone seems to be unharmed, we are committed to addressing this matter appropriately.”

Police are clearing classrooms at Dundee Crown high school in Illinois after reports of an active shooter. pic.twitter.com/89IfVPpi12

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) August 30, 2023

Thankfully, no injuries were reported in connection with the incident. Dundee-Crown High School’s administration has committed to full cooperation with the ongoing investigation.

At approximately 9 a.m. on the fateful Wednesday, an unidentified caller dialed 911, falsely asserting an ongoing active shooter scenario at the school. In response, local public safety authorities swiftly entered the premises, orchestrating a controlled evacuation of all classrooms. The school administration subsequently confirmed that following the determination that the situation was a malicious fabrication, students were permitted to re-enter the building.

Current situation at Dundee Crown High School, Active shooter on campus. pic.twitter.com/SCxgjIsM6F

— Next News Network 🇺🇲 (@NextNewsNetwork) August 30, 2023

Describing the harrowing scene to NBC reporters, Michael Soto, a junior at Dundee-Crown High School, recounted:

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“The hallways were a frenzy. Everyone was running, and teachers were urging us to take shelter in classrooms. It was a terrifying experience.”

A statement from the school district reassured parents that there was no actual threat within the school building. To provide support to students affected by the incident, the school facility was opened as a space for them to find solace. While there had been no real shooting, the process of evacuation itself could be distressing to students. The district ensured that support services would be readily available across the campus.

The district’s official communication outlined:

“Both students and staff are safe and have been directed to re-enter the building. Dundee-Crown High School will remain open in a shelter-in-place status for the rest of the day. Students will be situated in the field house, cafeteria, or gym during this time. We will offer support services to any students in need.”

District officials characterized the incident as a form of “swatting,” an illegal activity where false police reports are filed, often resulting in unnecessary police interventions. Although this marks the school’s first encounter with a “swatting” episode, it’s a phenomenon not uncommon in Illinois. The misuse of valuable police resources makes such actions highly discouraged.

🚨#BREAKING: Unconfirmed Reports of active shooter at Dundee Crown High School as it’s on lockdown⁰⁰📌#Carpentersville | #Illinois

Currently, there’s a heavy police present as multiple authorities including SWAT are on the scene to unconfirmed reports, of an active shooter… pic.twitter.com/tD1xtRCrUg

— R A W S A L E R T S (@rawsalerts) August 30, 2023

Currently, the case remains an active subject of police investigation. Authorities are working diligently to identify potential suspects behind the fake school shooting report.

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