“Monster”: Ukrainian Sisters Arrested After Dancing Video Sparks Outrage at Soldier Gravesites

Two sisters from Ukraine are currently facing potential imprisonment of up to five years following allegations that they engaged in a provocative dance on the graves of fallen soldiers in Kyiv. The incident unfolded on August 24, 2023, coinciding with the nation’s Independence Day, when a video capturing their actions went viral.

The footage depicted one of the sisters performing a dance, including twerking, in front of the camera, while the other sister stood solemnly beside a grave adorned with a photograph of a man in military attire. Swiftly after the video gained traction, authorities apprehended the siblings.

According to sources, the sisters asserted that their initial purpose for visiting the cemetery was to pay respects at their father’s grave. They revealed that their father had served as a soldier in the 95th Brigade of Ukraine’s Armed Forces. The sisters contended that their spontaneous dance and subsequent recording were unplanned actions during their visit. The authorities successfully traced and arrested them within hours of the video surfacing.

🇺🇦 Two Ukrainian sisters have been detained for twerking on the graves of their father & other soldiers who died in the Ukraine War. They now face a 5 year prison sentence. pic.twitter.com/cIUqkTQebc

— Siphesihle Mashele (@sphesihle_mash) August 26, 2023

Following the swift backlash, the sisters issued an apology, expressing remorse for their actions and affirming their respect for all fallen soldiers of their country. They clarified that their visit was intended to honor their deceased father, who had perished near Izium.

In their apology statement, the sisters acknowledged that while they didn’t intend to demean heroes, they admitted that posting the video was an inappropriate decision. They explained that their behavior stemmed from their understanding of their father’s perspective on burial customs.

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However, the apology didn’t fully quell the public’s outrage. Netizens, upon viewing the apology video shared by Instagram user @vl_lindemann, continued to express their disappointment with many criticizing the sisters’ actions. One commenter voiced their strong disapproval, suggesting that the sisters’ actions necessitated serious reconsideration through a potential prison sentence.

The incident serves as a reminder of the rapid dissemination of controversial content on social media. The provocative dance video, performed by the two Ukrainian sisters on the graves of soldiers in Kyiv, garnered widespread attention and criticism. The attire worn by the sisters, comprising crop tops, shorts, and casual footwear, further intensified public anger. It was the sight of them dancing atop the graves that particularly ignited a fiery response.

The sisters’ subsequent apology video, which aimed to rectify the situation, was met with mixed reactions from the online community. While some chastised them for their perceived lack of respect towards the fallen soldiers, others suggested that a legal consequence might prompt them to deeply reflect on their actions. The incident remains a talking point, underscoring the power of social media in amplifying and shaping public discourse.

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