What Did Morgan Freeman Say About “Black History Month”? As He Faces Backlash Online

Morgan Freeman, an American actor, caused outrage online after expressing displeasure with the labels of “Black History Month” and “African Americans”. The 85-year-old celebrity discussed race in an interview with The Sunday Times, published April 15.

He declared:

“There are two things I can say publicly that I don’t like.” Black History Month is a slap in the face. “Will you limit my history to a month?”

He went on to say that the term “African-American” is equally derogatory, and that black people “have had different titles since the n-word.”

“I’m not sure how these terms became so popular, but everyone uses ‘African-American’. What does it mean exactly? The majority of Blacks in this part of the globe are of mixed race. And you refer to Africa as if it were a country, whereas it’s a continent, like Europe.”

Morgan Freeman

In contrast, he claims, individuals do not consider themselves European-American, but Italian-American or Irish-American.

The internet is divided over Morgan Freeman’s Black History Month remarks.

Morgan Freeman’s thoughts about Black History Month and the “African American” label went viral, dividing the internet. Some comments praised the actor for showing the truth and uniting black people. Others chastised Morgan Freeman for his “irresponsible” use of the term “Mongrels”.

Morgan Freeman discussed why inclusion in movies and TV shows is important, alongside Black History Month and the phrase African American.

“There were some in the movies when I was growing up.” If a black guy shows up in a movie, he’s interesting. Until Sidney Poitier showed up and said to young people like me, ‘OK, OK, I can do it.’”

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Morgan Freeman

Morgan entered the entertainment business after the Hays Code, a censorship list that banned, among other things, clerical satire and interracial marriage. In 1968, it was debunked. Morgan went on to say:

“The difference now is that everyone is involved.” Everybody. LGBTQ people, Asians, blacks, whites, interracial marriage, and interracial partnerships. Everyone is represented. Now you can see them all on the screen, which is a huge improvement.”

Morgan Freeman says it’s ‘insulting’ to be called ‘African American’ https://t.co/OvxyR9hMTw

– Brian Eskow (@realbrianeskow) April 16, 2023

Here’s what Morgan Freeman said:

“’African-American’ is an insult. What does it really mean? Most black people in this part of the world are of mixed race. The ONLY way to get rid of racism is to stop talking about it.”

Morgan Freeman is a GREAT MOTHER…!!

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Morgan Freeman’s upcoming films include 57 Seconds, Sniff, Hate to See You Go, Gunner and Lioness.

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