El Brujo Mayor Wikipedia, edad, meme, Age, Wiki, Net Worth

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Mayor El Brujo Wikipedia, edad, meme, Age, Wiki, Net Worth

Mayor El Brujo Wikipedia, edad, meme, Age, Wiki, Net Worth – According to their relatives, the famous tarot viewer and fortuneteller known as “Mayor Brujo” passed away in Mexico City on Friday at age 84 after experiencing respiratory arrest.

Mayor El Brujo Wikipedia, edad, meme, Age, Wiki, Net WorthMayor El Brujo Wikipedia, edad, meme, Age, Wiki, Net Worth

Antonio Vazquez Alba, commonly known as Mayor of El Brujo, has stood out in Mexico over the past few decades for his life projections to figures in the entertainment, political and sports fields. sports, especially the forecasts he makes every year.

The mayor of El Brujo is distinguished by his distinctive and distinctive style. She has become an icon of Mexican culture because of her traditional dress and beard. In addition to his psychic skills, he has appeared on radio and television shows, where he presents his astrological expertise and makes forecasts on a wide variety of topics, including himself. treatment and entertainment.

At the age of 84, Antonio Vázquez Alba died in Mexico City after a heart attack. Vázquez Alba’s body will be cremated this Friday and there will be some form of memorial service on Saturday at the school he attended in the Santa Mara la Ribera neighborhood of the central Mexican capital.

Unknown Mexican astrologer and seer known as Mayor Brujo

A few decades ago, the Mexican astrologer was famous when he appeared on television and revealed his predictions, some of which came true.

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The mayor of El Brujo has made predictions regarding prominent figures in Mexico’s show business. Photo: EFE. He always takes advantage of World Cup years to predict presidential election years or Mexican national team matches.

He calls the media in, deals cards and makes predictions at the beginning of the year. At the age of 84, Antonio Vázquez Alba died in Mexico City. Starting in 2023, he predicts that the economy will remain stable, but violence will increase, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s health will deteriorate and conflict between Russia and Ukraine will continue.

He added that despite the problems the world is facing, the economy will be “really balanced” and Mexico will “have a really satisfying economic year”. He emphasized the election of governors of Coahuila and Mexico in June this year, which the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has never lost.

He emphasized that “Morena” (López Obrador’s party) “will have good results, but many difficulties” and foresee that “Mexico State will not be Morena because the PRI will continue to support themselves, do things strange.”

Tarot readers predict that this year will be identified as the 2024 presidential candidate and give Claudia Sheinbaum, the current head of government for Mexico City, a higher chance of success than the candidates. members of Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and Interior Minister Adán Augusto López.

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