What did Kyle Knezevich do? Eastern Kentucky University professor arrested for alleged child abuse and invasion of privacy

On Friday, September 8, 2023, Kyle Knezevich, an associate professor of aviation at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU), was arrested amid disturbing allegations of child abuse and invasion of privacy. Kentucky State authorities have accused Knezevich of illegally installing a video camera in a men’s bathroom, with charges including promoting a minor under the age of 16 in a sexual performance.

According to reports from the Richmond Register, the EKU Police discovered a hidden video camera in the men’s bathroom of the Whalen Technology Complex on Monday, September 5, 2023. Subsequent investigations led law enforcement to Kyle Knezevich, who was subsequently arrested.

Allegedly, the seized devices indicated that Knezevich may have been attempting to capture individuals undressed in the restroom, including children as young as 12. When confronted by police, Knezevich purportedly confessed to his actions, stating that he placed the camera for personal sexual gratification.

In response to these grave allegations, EKU took immediate action. The university confirmed that Kyle Knezevich was placed on administrative leave and formally resigned from his position on September 7, 2023. EKU is actively cooperating with law enforcement officials, and the accusations against Knezevich remain under investigation.

The allegations have raised significant concerns among EKU parents and the community at large, given Knezevich’s interactions with students and his prior role as an assistant swim coach at the university. Law enforcement has not released the names of the victims, who are minors, but multiple young victims are believed to have been captured on Knezevich’s camera.

In an official statement released via ABC, EKU addressed the situation, stating: “Today, a former Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) employee was arrested for alleged criminal misconduct by the Eastern Kentucky University Police Department in coordination with the Kentucky State Police. On September 6, 2023, EKU officials were notified of criminal allegations involving Kyle Knezevich.”

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The statement continued: “Kyle Knezevich was immediately placed on administrative leave pending a criminal investigation. On September 7, 2023, he tendered his letter of resignation. EKU is fully cooperating with law enforcement officials.”

As the investigation unfolds, there are concerns that additional victims may emerge given Knezevich’s proximity to students. The case remains a deeply troubling and ongoing matter for both the university and the community it serves.

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