What did Ashlee Cheatham do? Oklahoma teen faces multiple charges for child abuse case

In a deeply distressing incident, a 19-year-old from Stillwater, Oklahoma, identified as Ashlee Cheatham, was taken into custody on August 22, 2023, under suspicion of sexually abusing her partner’s three-year-old daughter. The arrest followed the discovery of disturbing images on Cheatham’s phone by her boyfriend, who subsequently reported the incident to the authorities.

Ashlee Cheatham is now facing a range of serious charges, including the sexual abuse of a child under 12, production or distribution of obscene material or child pornography, possession of marijuana, and violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act. The charges have sent shockwaves through the community, prompting a discussion about child safety and the importance of thorough background checks for those entrusted with children’s care.

Lt. TJ Low from the Stillwater Police Department emphasized the significance of vigilance in such cases, stating, “A lot of us are parents, the police officers here, and members of the community as well. If you had that little sinking feeling, trust your gut. Do a thorough background check on everybody that’s going to watch your kids.”

The sequence of events leading to Cheatham’s arrest began when her boyfriend visited the police station with a puzzled expression on his face. He recounted his acquaintance with Ashlee Cheatham through dating apps and how their relationship progressed to her moving in with him. However, suspicion arose about Cheatham’s behavior towards his three-year-old daughter, prompting him to inspect her phone while she slept. Disturbing images and videos of the child were uncovered, prompting the boyfriend to take swift action by alerting law enforcement.

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Investigations by the police culminated in Ashlee Cheatham’s arrest, as authorities moved swiftly to address the alarming situation. Notably, Cheatham had also applied to work as a paraprofessional at Nicoma Park Elementary, but her employment process was terminated. The school district confirmed that she had never worked with any of the students.

The Stillwater Police Department assured the public that they believe there are no additional victims linked to Ashlee Cheatham. However, they urged individuals with any information about the incident to come forward and collaborate with their local police departments.

Ashlee Cheatham faces not only charges related to sexual abuse but also those of marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia, and felony violation of Oklahoma’s Computer Crimes Act.

The disconcerting case of Ashlee Cheatham is a stark reminder of the importance of safeguarding children and ensuring their well-being. This incident follows another recent case of sexual offense in the state, where a sexual offender tragically ended lives before taking his own. As the legal proceedings continue, the community remains vigilant about the safety of their children and the pursuit of justice for the victims. If convicted of the child pornography charges, Cheatham could potentially face a sentence of 10 years in prison along with a fine of $20,000.

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