What Did Adam Hicks Do? As The Former Actor Was Arrested

People are curious about the arrest of Lemonade Mouth actor Adam Hicks. The former actor is now famous, but for the wrong reasons. Adam Hicks is a former actor who has appeared in such films as Pair of Kings, Zeke and Luther, and Lemonade Mouth.

After appearing in various Disney movies and series, the actor has become famous for good reasons. However, Hicks is famous for all the wrong reasons, having spent his life on parole following a robbery case. So, why was Hick in custody? Let us investigate.

Adam Hicks was arrested for armed robbery.

Adam Hicks, a former child actor, was arrested in 2018 for second-degree armed robbery in Burbank, California. Hicks was arrested after committing a series of armed robberies. Similarly, the court sentenced him to 5 years in prison in July 2021. Furthermore, the authorities arrested Hicks and his girlfriend, Danni Tamburo, after they both went on excursions and brandished pistols at the people in the vicinity of Burbank.

Adam Hicks

They also try to extort money, cell phones and other valuables from people. Hick was sentenced to five years in prison, while his accomplice received three years of probation for committing such a heinous murder. In addition, before being imprisoned, this former actor was also known for being cruel. Hick shot himself in the foot. The underlying motive for his stupid behavior is unclear, however, he did it while hanging out with friends. In addition, officials allege that Hick was uncooperative with officials. Similarly, the former Disney actor was detained when his girlfriend Danni reported his aggressive behavior to the police. Hicks pulled Danni by the hair, grabbed her hand and even pushed her to the ground. Hicks avoided prosecution simply because Fanni refused to assist the police, despite his aggressive actions.

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Actor Lemonade Mouth in jail or released?

Adam Hicks, a Disney star, will debut in March 2022. Similarly, Hicks is out on bail after serving a five-year prison sentence for robbery. His case made significant progress as the court granted him credit for almost 1,460 days. Hicks is serving his sentence while awaiting his punishment.

Adam Hicks

Hicks was also charged with five counts, three counts of attempted robbery and two counts of burglary. Only three counts were tried and his two attempted counts were dropped in January 2021. He is currently on parole, following his release in March of this year.

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