Vincent Chalambert Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Partner

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Vincent Chalambert Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Partners

Vincent Chalambert Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Partner – In the French film La Marginale, Vincent will appear. La Marginale, a French comedy directed by Franck Cimière, will premiere on May 3, 2023. Theo is played in the film by Chalambert. Together with Karina Marimon and Corinne Masiero, he played a leading role in the film.

Vincent Chalambert Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, PartnersVincent Chalambert Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Partners

Vincent Chalambert has no disability. He has autism. However, this restriction did not prevent him from giving the comic book Ahmed Sylla the movie poster “Chacun Pour Tous”. Vincent Chalambert says that when I make weird movements, people start to get scared. But when I’m on stage, I’m a completely different person. Despite their young age, Clément Langlais explained that the two actors used comedy and theater as “tools to go further” to overcome their disability.

Ahmed Sylla claims that this sickness and naturalness also gives the performance a unique and heartfelt charm that is best suited for the big screen. The two played very naturally and honestly… “Wow, we got hit in the face, what!” he is happy.

In order to participate in the Paralympic Games, Martin, the coach of the French basketball team for the mentally disabled, decides to cheat. Vianney Lebasque directed this comedy based on these true events.

In the 2023 comedy Marginal, one of the two leads was paired with Vincent Chalambert and Corinne Masiero. The second is a homeless man living on the grounds of Orly Airport, who frequently runs into Théo (Chalambert), a young cleaner.

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He has an intellectual disability, and when he lived with them, his “Aunt” was overprotective of him. Vincent Chalambert loved theater from an early age and has participated in a number of plays and performances at workshops in Beaumont, Sur Oise.

After finishing high school, he joined Crystal Theater Company and Art and Handicap Pole in 2017. As a result, he participated in many events, including Hands in the Nose, Space is Silence, and crystal POP. Poetry and Famous Ball.

Other performances include King Was the Right Size at the Time, Crazy from Here, Shamans from Otherwhere, Cabaret of Guaranteed Chills and Singular Variations.

Astrid & Raphael, The Art of Crime, and A Perfect Man were all shown on television at the same time as Vincent. Along with Camelia Jordana, Jean-Pierre Darroussin and Ahmed Sylla, they appeared in the 2017 film Everyone for All.

The coach of a mentally challenged French basketball team decides to cheat in order to enter the competition when one of their best players withdraws in this fine movie, based on a sentence. the truth is amazing.

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