Suri Cruise: 5 Little-Known Facts About Tom Cruise’s Daughter

Suri Cruise was born on April 18, 2006, to celebrities Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The 16-year-old made her acting debut as a singer in her mother’s film Alone Together, which premiered in cinemas on July 22, 2022. Katie Holmes directed and wrote Alone Together, in which she also starred opposite English actor Jim Sturgess. The film is a romcom set during the COVID-19 epidemic, in which a man and woman fleeing New York City during the initial wave of the pandemic in 2020 wind up reserving the same Airbnb and eventually decide to remain together.

Suri Cruise performed a rendition of the song Blue Moon for the film, which can be heard throughout the opening credits. Katie said in an interview that her daughter also sang a song for another of her films, Rare Objects, which has yet to be published.

Suri Cruise enjoys Broadway musicals.

1) She has a strained connection with her father.

Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise in 2006. Suri was just six years old when her parents split in 2012. Katie was concerned that her daughter might be kidnapped and indoctrinated into accepting Scientology, Tom’s religion. Katie got custody of her daughter during the divorce, and she grew up spending time with her mother and grandparents, doing regular things away from the public limelight. According to reports, she has a strained connection with her father. Tom has chosen to have a minimal role in his daughter’s life, although he still sends her birthday gifts.

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Tom Cruise's Daughter

2) She is really close to her mother.

Katie and Suri have always been inseparably close. She disliked sleepovers as a youngster since they required her to spend the night away from her mother. They are also gym mates and often exercise together. She has inherited her mother’s love of coffee and is often seen cafe-hopping in New York City with her adoring mother for companionship.

3) She enjoys Broadway performances.

Suri Cruise likes old Broadway performances. She’s seen Finding Neverland, Cats, School of Rock, Kinky Boots, Dear Evan Hansen, and other notable Broadway productions. Her mother often brings her backstage to meet her favorite actors.

4) She also enjoys going to NBA games.

Suri Cruise has a sporting side as well. One example is that she is often seen attending NBA basketball games with her mother.

Tom Cruise's Daughter

5) She has had many delicious soirees.

Katie often hosts amazing sweet soirées for her daughter. Suri’s mother allegedly often involved her in art and craft events where she had to construct her own party accessories and decorations in order to educate her daughter how to be in charge of her own life when she was younger.

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