Drake Reconnected With His First Girlfriend Keshia Chante

Drake remarked to the fans during the All Canadian All-Stars event on Thursday, July 28:

“This next lady on stage, I used to jump in my mother’s vehicle and go all the way to the west for this donna right here, you feel me?” As a result, I must personally present her. This is the first time I’ve ever had a girlfriend on stage. “A true legend, someone I adore with all my heart.”

Keshia soon emerged on stage, and the audience greeted her warmly. The musician then performed a handful of her songs and thanked Drake on Instagram, adding that she had never seen the city come together like that before. Chante also said that singing the songs she published as a teen and hearing people sing the lyrics made her happy. Chante commented that she would treasure this memory for the rest of her life,

“Toronto, you have been riding for me from the beginning, and I am eternally thankful for your support.” Also, a special thanks to everyone that broke these records at the start of my career and are the reason my mother has certified plaques in her bed haha. DJ Scott Boogie, DJ Starting from Scratch, DJ X, Mark Strong & Jemini, Flow & Kiss FM, DJ Deuce, Hadi, and many more. I adore you. From immature to entrepreneur children!!”

Everything there is to know about Drake’s first girlfriend

She is a well-known singer, television personality, actor, composer, and philanthropist, also known as Keshia Chante Harper. She rose to prominence in the music business as a youngster, thanks to the success of songs such as Unpredictable, Does He Love Me, Been Gone, Fallen, and others. Chante has four albums to her credit and is most known for co-hosting the music video program 106 & Park with Bow Wow. She has received one Juno Award, five Canadian Urban Music Awards, and two Canadian Radio Music Awards.

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She has a star on the Brampton Arts Walk of Fame and has garnered multiple SOCAN No. 1 Awards for composition. Harper is also well-known for her song Table Dancer, which reached the top of the Billboard charts. The 34-year-old conducted interviews with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Dwayne Johnson, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama, Denzel Washington, and Larry King, among others.

She has appeared as a host and judge on a variety of series, including the BET Awards, Big Brother’s Aftershow, Top Chef Canada, Match Game, and others. Chante has also collected donations for a variety of charities, including WE Charity, Joyful Heart Foundation, World Vision International, and others.

Drake and Keshia Chante’s relationship

Keshia and Drake Chante began dating while they were teenagers, and their musical collaborations became well-known. The former penned numerous songs for Chante, and his 2018 single, In My Feelings, had allusions to Kiki, who was mistakenly identified as Keshia by multiple sites. Although the pair made no remark on “Kiki’s” identity in the successful song, rapper Preme disclosed Kiki’s identity on social media. In the song Fallen, the Breakaway star also highlighted his romance with Chante.



In 2009, VJ Sara Taylor confronted Drake about his relationship with Chante, and he stated that he is glad to call Chante his ex-girlfriend. During an appearance on an episode of 106 & Park in 2013, Charlie Bartlett said that Keshia was one of his earliest crushes and that he had previously rapped about her.

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