Shooting at Hillcrest High School, 14-year-old Marshawn Mitchell shot dead during Football game

On a fateful Friday, September 15, 2023, Hillcrest High School became the scene of a harrowing shooting incident during the Homecoming football game against Oak Forest High School in Country Club Hills. Chaos unfolded as reports of the incident spread, with law enforcement and emergency responders swarming the area.

Details are still emerging, but according to initial reports, an unidentified individual was shot during the course of the game. While some sources suggest that the victim may have been a senior at the school, others believe he was a football player representing Hillcrest High. As of now, the condition of the injured person remains unconfirmed, adding to the prevailing sense of uncertainty.

A witness who was present at the scene recounted the terrifying moment, stating that approximately eight gunshots rang out, sending shockwaves through the crowd gathered for the Homecoming event.

LEGAL HELP FIRM, facebook page shared a post about this incident. They stated that:

TEEN KILLED: 14-year-old Marshawn Mitchell was shot to death in the 17400 block of South Pulaski, Country Club Hills, IL on September 15, 2023. This shooting happened among teens leaving a homecoming football game at Hillcrest High School. He was a student there. Seen/heard anything contact police. Our condolences. #helpsolvethiscrime

In the wake of this shocking incident, parents of Hillcrest High School students are urged to check on the well-being and safety of their children within the school premises. The swift response of law enforcement and emergency services to the scene is aimed at ensuring the security and protection of all students and staff.

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As the investigation unfolds and more information becomes available, our thoughts are with the affected students, families, and the entire Hillcrest High School community during this distressing time.

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