Sammy Ash death: ‘Sam Ash Music Stores’ owner died due to Skin cancer in New York

New York, NY – The New York entrepreneur community is grappling with the sudden and heartbreaking loss of Sammy Ash, the esteemed owner of “Sam Ash Music Stores,” America’s largest family-owned retailer of Music and Sound Equipment. Sammy Ash passed away on Saturday, September 16, 2023, following a courageous battle with a rare form of cancer. He was 65 years old at the time of his passing, and his death has left a void in the music industry and among his countless friends and admirers.

Sammy Ash was not only a successful entrepreneur but also a beloved figure in the music world. He was renowned for his dedication to Sam Ash Music Stores, which has gained acclaim as the largest supply chain with the widest selection of music products in the country. His brother, Richie Ash, shared the heartbreaking news, revealing that Sammy had fought stage 4 Melanoma for a grueling twelve months.

In a heartfelt tribute, Richie Ash stated, “My baby brother Sammy Ash passed away yesterday at 9 a.m. He was only 65 years old. He fought a courageous 12-month battle with stage 4 Melanoma. I am heartbroken. He was a loving father of 4 boys. Cancer sucks. Life is not fair. He did not deserve to die. He was a warm, caring, generous man. I am sure many of you have dealt with cancer in your family. When it hits home, it is devastating. I loved him with all my heart. Rest in Peace, my Brother.”

Elliot Easton, a friend of Sammy Ash shared his sorrow on his death. He stated in his fb post that:

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My dear dear friend, Sammy Ash has passed. I first met Sammy in the late ’60’s at the Huntington store when we were teenagers. Later, after the Cars got going in the late ’70’s we really connected as close friends and have been that way ever since. We always laughed about the first Martin he sold me once I got a bit of money and how we’ve been like brothers ever since. My heart goes out to his sons Ben Ash and Max, his brother Richard, who I also know from way back in the old days and the rest of the Ash family. This is a huge loss for not only his family and friends but the entire music community. I’ve been walking around in a daze since he went into hospice a few days ago. Just so sad. He will be terribly missed. Rest In Peace Sammy.

Sammy Ash was not just an entrepreneur; he was the embodiment of a family legacy, as he named his business after his grandfather, who founded the Sam Ash Music Company in New York City in 1924. His dedication to the musical community was unwavering, and his stores served as a hub for musicians and music enthusiasts.

Many friends and colleagues in the music industry have paid heartfelt tributes to Sammy Ash, describing him as “deserving to live.” His impact on the world of music retail was immeasurable, with a deep commitment to customer service and an unmatched passion for music. His influence extended beyond the music industry, as he oversaw the acquisition and development of several individuals and businesses throughout the United States.

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The music industry, as well as the broader entrepreneurial community, is united in mourning the loss of Sammy Ash, a giant in the world of music retail, who leaves behind a lasting legacy of service and dedication to music and musicians.

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