Irish Grinstead Death News: What Happened To Her? Cause Of Death Explained

Many people have been devastated by the news of Irish Grinstead Death. She was a well-known member of the girl group 702. Her departure, at the age of 43, leaves many questions unsolved. Notably, no information on the “Irish grinstead cause of death” has been released. However, 702 revealed in December that the Irish were on medical leave owing to serious health problems.

Irish Grinstead: Who Was She?

Irish Grinstead was a shining light in the R&B scene for her involvement in the female group 702. The group’s name, 702, was inspired by their hometown and signifies the Las Vegas area code. Their popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s was reflected by songs such as “Where My Girls At?”

Irish Grinstead

The Mysterious Death

The hush around Irish Grinstead’s death is apparent. On Instagram on September 16, 2023, 702 revealed the heartbreaking news. They reminisced about her life and expressed their love for her family.

702: A Girl Group

702 was formed in Las Vegas in 1994, and its lineup included Irish Grinstead, LeMisha Grinstead, Kameelah Williams, and Orish Grinstead. Orish left in 2001, but the three continued to captivate audiences. Their four studio albums charted high on the Billboard 200, and they received awards such as the Soul Train Music Award.

Irish Health Issues

The organization publicized Irish Grinstead’s medical issues in December 2022. Fans were concerned, with 702 requesting prayers and well-wishes, however particular diseases were kept confidential.

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Irish Grinstead

Support and Speculation

Irish’s death has prompted speculation. Is that COVID-19? Or is it a long-standing illness? While there are several theories, 702 has debunked none. The internet is awash with accolades to Irish’s brilliance and personality from fans and colleagues.


Irish Grinstead’s death has left a vacuum. She was a gifted musician whose tunes touched many people. The mystery surrounding her death persists, but her legacy with 702 endures. The reason of Irish Grinstead’s death is still unknown as of September 17, 2023.

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