Saint Obi Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, House, Cause of Death & Cars

Saint obi biographySaint Obi Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, House, Cause of Death & Vehicle

Who is Saint Obi?

Obinna Nwafor Known professionally as Saint Obi, is a Nigerian actress, producer, humanitarian, and director. Saint Obi is absolutely known for his roles in “Candle Light, Sakobi, Goodbye Tomorrow, Heart of Gold, Festival of Fire, Executive Crime and Last Party”. At the University of Jos, he studied Dramatic Art. Saint Obi’s career achieved great success in 1996, after doing an advertisement for Peugeot on the NTA. He has starred in more than 70 films. His first film, Take Me to Maama, was produced in 2001, in which he starred as Jerry, alongside Ebi Sam, Rachel Oniga, Nse Abel and Enebeli Elebuwa.

Movie Saint Obi

Here are some of the movies that Obinna Okafor has been in: Sakobi, The Narrow Way Out, Fire Festival, Emergency, Take Me to Maama, Battle Royale, Wedding Fever, Promise No Interruptions Paragraph, Candlelight, Goodbye Tomorrow, Golden Heart, Crime Operator, The Last Party, Closed Exit, Costly Mistake, Strange Love, Bold Heart, Great Weapon Best, Deadly Proposal, Last Whistle, Crime Planner, Sleeping with the Enemy, Crime Executive, Golden Moon, Wedding Fever, etc.

Biography of Saint Obi

On November 16, 1965, Obinna Nwafor was born. As stated earlier, Obinna Nwafor is a Nigerian actress, producer and film director. He is a native of Okpa, Mbaitolu Local Government Area and the only son among his siblings in a family of 9 children. Obinna spent most of his early life and education in Jos, Plateau State and was later admitted to the University of Jos, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Dramatic Arts in 1991 to be exact.

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Organized and run multiple business ventures, he is the Founder and CEO of AGWHYTE International Limited – a Production, Talent Management/Brand and Public Relations Company in both Nigeria and USA.

He is also a successful athlete who initially represented Plateau State in both Soccer and Basketball tournaments. He also enjoys bodybuilding as one of his hobbies.

Saint Obi entered the Nigerian film industry in 1996 and immediately became famous – a feat unmatched by anyone in the industry. He speaks fluent English, Igbo, Hausa and doesn’t speak much Yoruba. He has appeared in over 90 films as a star. Saint Obi has the impetus to make Nollywood an essential African film genre on the International Art market. Above all, he strives to be consistent with the truth, God’s Love and Peace for all mankind.

Since then, he has acted in over 100 other films and is mostly known for his action roles. Saint Obi had a happy wedding to Lydia Saint-Nwafor and they were richly blessed with gorgeous children, two boys and one girl to be exact.

Obi’s Holy Age

Saint Obi was born on November 16, 1965 and died on May 7, 2023 at the age of 57. Saint Obi will always be loved by his friends, family, friends, young colleagues and even fans. honor after death in various ways. Although obinna has rarely been featured in recent Nollywood films, he has left an indelible mark as one of the most influential actors of his time.

Holy Obi Net Worth

The famous actor, Saint Obi before his death had an estimated net worth of $3 million, the decline was due to treatment and not actively participating in his day-to-day business activities. . Sometimes many people, especially his fans are not sure what his net worth is, but based on information received from reliable source. This number as seen above is an accurate estimate of Saint Obi’s net worth.

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The Cause of Saint Obi .’s Death

The handsome late movie star passed away at the age of 57 at his sister’s home in Jos, Plateau state after a long battle with an undisclosed illness as revealed by his family. Indeed Nollywood has lost a gem.

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