Roseline Katungwa, Kenyan female singer, viral video is leaked on Reddit and Twitter [Scandal]

The recent scandal involving the viral video of Roseline Katungwa (Kenyan female singer) has attracted considerable attention and sparked discussion among netizens on Reddit and Twitter.

Roseline Katungwa, a renowned Kenyan gospel artist and aspiring dancer, has been actively involved in the industry for quite some time. She has been running her YouTube channel since 2021 and has accumulated over 17k subscribers. On her channel, Katungwa shares various videos showcasing her performances, including dance videos, which have helped her gain a significant following.

Roseline Katungwa

However, Roseline has recently been in the spotlight due to a private video of her being leaked online. This scandal drew the gospel artist into controversy as the video went viral on different platforms. In the video, Katungwa is said to have had an intimate moment with an unidentified man, who filmed the video himself before it was leaked.

Roseline Katungwa's viral video

The fact that the video went viral on social media shocked her fans and followers, leading to countless questions and concerns about the unfolding situation. Furthermore, the video gained attention on TikTok and people began to widely troll the emerging gospel artist.

The leaked video went viral for several days, leaving Roseline supporters shocked and worried. Many online news portals, including the Daily Post, have covered this incident. In addition, her photos were shared on Telegram, fueling the controversy. Many of her supporters consider the video to be fabricated, intended to smear Roseline’s character. Therefore, they have urged social network users not to share the video.

As the situation unfolded, people eagerly awaited a response from Roseline herself on the viral video. Readers are encouraged to update to see if she addresses the issue publicly.

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After the release of the viral video, the public was shocked and skeptical. People flocked to Roseline Katungwa’s Facebook page to discuss the issue, many of which mocked her. The comments mostly revolved around the video, and some even asked for a link to the video. One individual commented on one of Roseline’s photos: “Stop judging people by their past. Everyone learns. People change. Everyone goes on. #change. We are in the hands of the porter.”

Amid the negative comments, Roseline also received support, with some attempting to defuse the situation. Another benefactor expressed: “Rest assured, dear sister, everything will be fine with you, your family and your friends.”

Despite the ongoing situation, Roseline has yet to make any public statements, prompting netizens to demand that she make an official statement. One of her followers commented, “Wow. I’m not complaining either.”

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