Quimyre Rolland of Jacksonville, FL dies at the age of 25; GoFundMe raises $1300

Jacksonville, Florida, – is reeling from the unexpected passing of Quimyre Rolland, a cherished member of the community, on Thursday, September 14, 2023. Her untimely demise, attributed to suicide, has left family and friends grappling with profound grief.

Quimyre Rolland, affectionately known as “Kookie,” was celebrated as a warm and caring individual who touched the lives of many. She dedicated her professional life as a substitute teacher at ESS, leaving an indelible mark on her students.

In the face of this devastating loss, Dasmyn Rolland has taken the initiative to coordinate a donation drive through GoFundMe to support the Rolland family during this challenging time. The post emphasizes the family’s profound struggle and expresses deep gratitude for any contributions, flowers, or gestures of support that may be extended.

In light of this tragedy, it’s essential to raise awareness about the availability of resources for individuals in crisis. The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, comprising more than 200 crisis centers throughout the United States, stands as a vital lifeline for those in need. By dialing 988, individuals can connect with a compassionate customer care service without the need for a credit card or fees. This lifeline operates around the clock, 24/7, offering a safe and confidential space for those experiencing mental anguish or suicidal thoughts to seek help and share their personal experiences.

For friends and loved ones concerned about social media posts that indicate distress, it is encouraged to reach out to the safety teams within major social media platforms. Prioritizing immediate access to appropriate assistance for the person in need takes precedence over all other considerations.

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Bre May shared her condolences for Quimyre Rolland in facebook post. She stated that:

I’m not gonna get up here & write paragraphs about what could’ve, should’ve or would’ve happened. I’m also not gonna front like me & Q had a interpersonal relationship as we became adults; everyone goes their separate ways as we get older but I will comment on the relationship we had when we were kids.We grew up in church together, had almost every class together & shared a lot of the same friends. It would be a lie for anyone who graduated in 2015 to say that Quimyre didn’t have a lasting impression on you; regardless of what it was. She was never scared to be herself & that meant with every new era or discovery of self she committed to it full throttle. A true Alien Superstar.I remember her being so protective of her sisters & her brother; even as kids they could fight & bicker but they had each others back 100% against all odds. They loved each other more than anything in the world.I wish nothing but love & comfort to her sisters & her brothers at this time. Rest easy, Q.D’ava Jones Dasmyn Dara Rolland I pray for strength & a continuous flooding of love for y’all. 💖P.S. Her sisters have set up a go fund me to help with costs – please donate what you can if you can. Will post the link in the comments.

Quimyre Rolland’s obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family, allowing the community to come together, celebrate her life, and find solace in remembering the warmth and caring nature of the beloved “Kookie.”

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