Pati Chapoy Apologizes To Yuridia Following Backlash Over Her Remark

Pati Chapoy, a Mexican journalist, has apologized to singer Yuridia for calling her “fat” in public. According to Dallas News, the 73-year-old openly apologized to the 36-year-old singer on a recent edition of her television program Ventaneando for insulting her with her statements.

“I was out of Mexico a week ago and was very surprised that a comment I made many years ago (…) I want to make a sincere apology for the expression I issued, I never did it with the intention of offending her, not just for that comment from 20 years ago, but for all the comments we have made through ‘Ventaneando.’”

According to Quien, Chapoy resumed her apologies, saying:

“Ventaneando was born with a clear legend: ‘it is a program of journalistic criticism and inquiry.’ We will continue to conduct that criticism and research, but we will be more cautious with our words from now on.”

Pati Chapoy was called out by a national organization for her fatphobic remarks toward Yuridia.

Pati Chapoy’s apology came after the National Commission to Prevent and Eliminate Violence Against Women (Conavim) in Mexico condemned her in a statement issued on February 11.

“We deplore the words made at the time by a well-known program presenter against the singer Yuridia, in which she was criticized for her physical appearance.”

Pati Chapoy

Chapoy and her co-hosts insulted Yuridia’s physical looks on the gossip program Ventaneando some years ago, according to the Dallas News. The comments surfaced when YouTuber Escorpión Dorando published a fresh interview in which Pati Chapoy acknowledged to referring to Yuridia as “fat” just to her co-journalists. According to the translated version, Chapoy stated:

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“Please keep in mind that we are not friends, but I really respect her. The truth is, when she went to La Academia, she was quite overweight, and we always said on the show that she was a fantastic vocalist, that no one liked her, but that she was obese.”

Chapoy later revealed that the singer has refused to grant Ventaneando interviews since then and continues to do so to this day. However, after the transmission of the Golden Scorpion, the other hosts of the gossip show restated their remarks about Yuridia’s physique and downplayed the problem, claiming that “everyone is outraged” by what they say.

In the case of Yuridia, the Mexican singer recently announced that she is expecting her second child, a boy called Benicio (via Morning Express). She has also spoken out against Pati Chapoy’s remarks on her physical looks. According to Dallas News, she said in one of her TikTok videos that she no longer like to do interviews with some media outlets, not because of her tantrums, but because of their comments about her physique.


Furthermore, she alleged that the comments made about her look resulted in individuals verbally abusing her and her family.

“I’ll never forget it since they were a part of my saddest period.”

Yuridia has yet to reply to Chapoy’s apologies as of this writing.

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