Obituary of Ayden Randle and Wyatt Randle: 2 teens dies after ATV accident in Waxahachie

Waxahachie, TX – Ayden John Randle and Wyatt Brinkman Randle, two remarkable young souls, were best friends from the very beginning, sharing a bond that went beyond words. Ayden possessed a unique gift—the ability to bring laughter and joy to Wyatt, even in their tender years. Ayden was a natural protector, always putting family first, while Wyatt had a profound love for people, connecting with them deeply. God blessed them with discerning minds shaped by a fear of God, and they were unafraid to stand by their convictions.

Their love for their baby sister was immeasurable, and they eagerly looked forward to showing her what it meant to be a Godly man. Tragically, their promising lives were cut short in a collision involving an off-road UTV and a pickup truck, leaving their family and community in a state of profound grief.

The accident, which occurred at the intersection of Boz Road and Greathouse Road, involved the UTV they were traveling in and a Ford Ranger pickup truck. Despite the severity of the impact, Ayden and Wyatt’s family continues to honor their memory, cherishing the love they shared and the impact they had on everyone they encountered.

Ayden John Randle, born on June 11, 2009, left this earthly realm to be with Jesus on September 19, 2023. Ayden was a remarkable student of animal husbandry, displaying a passion and natural talent for the subject. His athletic prowess and determination allowed him to conquer any challenge he faced. Ayden’s love for sharing his passions and unwavering faith in Jesus reflected the convictions that guided his life.

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Wyatt Brinkman Randle, born on April 10, 2012, joined Ayden in the heavenly embrace of Jesus on September 17, 2023. Wyatt was known for his quick wit and sense of humor that brightened the lives of those around him. God bestowed upon Wyatt a discerning mind and a tender heart, enabling him to love deeply and pursue the truth passionately. His disciplined nature and dedication to forging his own path underscored his pursuit of a life rooted in Christ’s freedom.

Ayden and Wyatt are deeply missed by their loving parents, Ellery and Amanda Randle, their cherished sister Sadie Randle, and their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who held a special place in their hearts. They are preceded in death by their grandfather Warren Osborne.

In honor of Ayden and Wyatt, the family kindly requests contributions to be made to the families of Kaylee Nolen and Amery Glass. The family finds solace in Matthew 19:14, reminding us that the kingdom of heaven belongs to the little children, including Ayden and Wyatt, whose presence touched the lives of many.

As the family grieves, they seek comfort in the loving memories they shared with Ayden and Wyatt, knowing that their spirits live on in the hearts of all who were privileged to know them.

Celebration of Life will be held on September 25, 2023, 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. at  Cowboy Church of Ellis County, 2374 US-287 Access Road, Waxahachie, TX 76067.

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