Mikelle Biggs Wikipedia, Found Alive, Disappearance, Parents, House

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Mikelle Biggs Wikipedia, Found Alive, Missing, Parents, House

Mikelle Biggs Wikipedia, Found Alive, Disappearance, Fathers, House – A young girl is on her way to find an ice cream van that disappeared without a trace in the Valley two decades ago.

Mikelle Biggs Wikipedia, Found Alive, Missing, Parents, HouseMikelle Biggs Wikipedia, Found Alive, Missing, Parents, House

Although 20 years is a long time, the faith of the Mikelle Bigg family has not wavered. Kimber, Mikelle’s sister, claims they will never stop fighting, searching or trying to find out what happened to the 11-year-old.

On the afternoon of January 2, 1998, Mikelle borrowed her sister’s bicycle and cycled to the Mesa neighborhood, where she heard an ice cream truck. Kimber went looking for her when she didn’t show up, but instead found her bike abandoned on the street not far from their house. One memory that keeps popping into my mind, Kimber says, is a bike on the road with a blown tire.

Law enforcement officers, volunteers and neighbors quickly flocked to the area looking for Mikelle. Mikelle was never discovered, despite the pleas of her parents and the help of the community. She seems to have disappeared. According to Kimber, the last person to see her in the car, they will not stop searching.

We don’t have any solutions, Kimber said. “Nothing currently. Although we have theories, they cannot bring you calm.

Kimber created a personal Facebook page just to find out what happened to her sister. About 18,000 people follow the “Justice for Mikelle Biggs” Facebook page. Kimber wants to continue to expand and disseminate information about new missing persons cases as well as the case of her sister.

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Kimber argues that the more likely it is to reach more people and reach people who actually know something, “the more people see me begging and struggling for answers.” Everyone clings to the stuffed bear she keeps, which is her sister’s favorite, in the hope that one day they will learn the truth.

According to Mesa Police, there are no new, definite leads in the ongoing Mikelle Biggs disappearance. Mikelle’s name was printed on a dollar bill present. In March 2018, FOX 10 reported on this development, however police are now claiming that it is not a legitimate lead.

Mikelle’s parents currently reside in Utah. Anyone with information should contact Silent Witness or Mesa Police.

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