Michael Reece Obituary: Calvary Day School’s committee chairman dies in Winston-Salem, NC

Winston-Salem, North Carolina – In a somber announcement, the North Davidson High School Class of 1989 and Calvary Day School expressed deep sorrow and mourning for the sudden passing of their former class president, Michael Reece, a well-known figure within the alumni community. Michael Reece, a devoted family man and accomplished individual, tragically succumbed to a heart attack at his home on Sunday.

Jonathan Elliott Foley shared Michael Reece’s death news and wrote,

A very sad day today. I was informed that my first cousin, Michael Reece, passed very unexpectedly at his home last evening. Michael was a very successful guy who had been the class president and quarterback for our high school football team both his junior and senior year. He was 5 years my junior, had 3 great kids and an adoring wife. We just had life’s obligations keep us from spending too much time together lately but I’ll miss laughing with him over our memories from our younger years and our inside jokes that only we shared. 🥲😞I love you, cuz!

The NDHS Class of 1989 took to social media on Monday, September 18, 2023, to share the heartbreaking news of Michael’s passing. The entire community is now rallying to provide comfort and support to Michael’s grieving family and loved ones during this challenging time.

Michael Reece had left an indelible mark on the NDHS Class of 1989. As class president and a standout football quarterback during his junior and senior years, he earned widespread admiration and friendship. Those fortunate to have known Michael during his life are deeply saddened by the loss and will cherish the memories they shared.

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In the wake of this unexpected tragedy, the public is urged to offer their thoughts and prayers to the grieving family, as they cope with the immense loss of Michael Reece. Messages of condolences have been pouring in from friends, classmates, and acquaintances, underscoring the impact Michael had on the lives he touched.

Calvary Day School also held a special prayer gathering in memory of Michael Reece, who had been an active member of the community, serving as the CDS Day School Committee Chairman. Michael’s love for Calvary was evident through his numerous roles and contributions over the years, leaving a void that will be deeply felt.

Calvary Day School pour tribute by saying,

A special time of prayer for the Reece Family this morning on campus. Michael Reece passed away on Sunday. Michael has served as our CDS Day School Committee Chairman since January of this year. He loved Calvary very much and served in many capacities over the years. Please pray for the family and for all of the people that knew and loved Michael.

As the NDHS Class of 1989 and the wider community grapple with the loss of this remarkable individual, they unite in honoring Michael Reece’s legacy and celebrating the life of a man who meant so much to many.

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