Meet Sonny Vaccaro Wife, Nancy Schiffaeur: Family & Net Worth Explore

Sonny Vaccaro is a former American sports marketing executive. He now resides in Santa Monica, California. His most well-known job was with Nike, Inc., when he helped Michael Jordan get his first footwear deal. Vaccaro later worked for Adidas and, later, Reebok. In 1984, he founded the ABCD Camp, which exhibited exceptional high school basketball players until 2007.

Future NBA talents such as Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, and LeBron James attended the camp. Vaccaro was also instrumental in establishing the Dapper Dan Roundball Classic, the country’s first high school All-Star game, in 1965. Basketball legends such as Calvin Murphy, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant have all attended the game throughout the years.

Who Is Nancy Schiffaeur, Sonny Vaccaro’s Wife?

Sonny Vaccaro married twice throughout his life. His first wife was Nancy Schiffaeur. He married Nancy in 1961, years before he started working as a sports executive for Nike. They had been long-term lovers, and according to reports, they were happy together. Sonny Vaccaro’s wife, Nancy, backed him up when he co-founded the Roundball Classic in 1964.

Nancy Schiffaeur

Sonny was mostly kept occupied at the time by arranging some of the biggest college basketball contests in the country. In any event, Sonny and Nancy settled in Trafford, Pennsylvania, her birthplace and place of employment as a schoolteacher. Furthermore, the couple brought two daughters and two boys into the world, making everything look perfect. Unfortunately, troubles in their marriage quickly appeared, and Sonny and Nancy decided that divorce would be the best course of action. As a result, the two finally agreed to divorce in 1979.

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Pamela Monakee, Sonny Vacarro’s second wife

Although it is uncertain how Sonny met Pamela “Pam” Monakee, the couple became close before marrying on May 5, 1984. Later, she revealed how they met and said she was the one who started communication. The sports executive also stressed the importance of his wife’s support, stating, “She always backed my stupid ideas.” I’ve never previously had Company.”

Pam reportedly remained by Sonny even after Nike dismissed him in 1991; the couple has been married for over 39 years. Readers will also be interested to discover that the couple actively engaged in the creation of “Air” and even visited the set.

Nike’s Saviour, Sonny Vaccaro, Was Fired From The Company

Nike revolutionized college basketball in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and Sonny Vaccaro was the guy who made it all possible, though many people are unaware of this. Despite the fact that no public statements were made to clarify its original rationale, Nike finally dismissed Sonny. The fundamental motivator of the case seemed to be Vaccaro’s stated business aims, which were believed to be at war with the Company’s interests.

Nancy Schiffaeur

According to sources, Vaccaro and Phil Knight, the former CEO of Nike, openly discussed the possibility of his new Company concept. According to the story, Knight was enthusiastic about the notion and ready to talk about how it might work for Nike. Sonny Vaccaro, on the other hand, was legally dismissed from the group not long after. The decision was solely the responsibility of Phil Knight. Sonny was surprised to discover, much too late, that the whole project’s objective was to get rid of him after his work was done.

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Sonny Vaccaro’s Net Worth

Sonny Vaccaro’s net worth is assessed to be $5 million dollars as of August  2023, based on our research. Vaccaro’s net wealth is mostly the product of his success as an American Executive.

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