Mary Margaret Anderson obituary: Young girl passes away in Simpsonville, SC

The sudden passing of Mary Margaret Anderson has left a void in the hearts of those who knew and loved her. On the night of Tuesday, September 19, 2023, the world said goodbye to a beloved daughter, wife, and mother. Mary Margaret’s untimely departure has left her adoring husband and young daughter, Campbell, in mourning. Her loss is deeply felt by all who had the privilege of knowing this remarkable individual, often referred to as a shining light during her time on Earth.

Mary Margaret Anderson leaves behind a legacy that will forever be cherished by those who understood her unique perspective on life. Her infectious laughter had the power to brighten any room and lift the spirits of those around her. As we grieve her passing, our thoughts and prayers are with her entire family during this painful and difficult time.

Mary Margaret Anderson, a registered nurse at Palmetto Infusion, was a dedicated professional who touched the lives of many through her compassionate care. She pursued her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Anderson University and received her secondary education at Hillcrest High School in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Her commitment to nursing led her to Greenville Technical College, where she further honed her skills and knowledge.

A longtime resident of Simpsonville, South Carolina, Mary Margaret lived there until her passing. She was married to Jonathan Brown Anderson, who, along with their daughter Campbell, now faces the profound loss of a beloved wife and mother.

Jonathan Brown Anderson, Mary Mararet’s husband shared his sorrow on the death of his loving wife. He stated that:

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I am still speechless, losing the love of your life and your unborn babe is devastating. But I do want to thank everyone for the text and post about my loving wife Mary-Margaret Anderson. And to everyone that has dropped everything in there lives to try and come comfort and console my family and I. I tagged some of them but there are countless other people that have helped also. I do not know what is next but I do want to ask any and everyone the knew Meg and knew how much she loved and adored our precious Campbell, to help me show her that love each and everyday so she knows how much her momma loved her. Meg waited 40 years to become a momma and she did her best everyday to be the best momma she could, and if I say so she did a hellva job. I do know I am going to miss seeing Meg sing and dance to Campbell everyday and are nightly routine of me making the bottle and walking into the room and watch meg read Campbell a book, and then giving Campbell and meg a big good night kiss and then walking out the room. I loved you so much meg and I am going to miss the hell out of you please look down and keep Campbell myself and your family and friends safe. Your are going to be the best guardian angel in the galaxy. If there is on thing that comforts me is knowing that your are with your daddy again, you have told me so many times how much you miss and adored him and you would do anything to have a chance to hug and kiss him again, now you have eternal opportunities to do just that, and he has the opportunity to meet his grand daughter Emma-Reece also. I love you so much Meg and don’t know what I am going todo without you planning everything we did in life.

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As of now, the specific circumstances surrounding Mary Margaret Anderson’s passing remain undisclosed, leaving many questions unanswered. Further details are awaited, and the general public will be updated as soon as additional information becomes available. In the meantime, the outpouring of condolences and shared memories from those who knew her serves as a testament to the impact Mary Margaret had on countless lives.

“This hurts and is going to hurt for a long, long time… your infectious laugh will be missed by so, so many,” expressed Tara Montgomery, echoing the sentiments of all those touched by Mary Margaret’s radiant spirit.

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