Malu Albert Rivera eDad, Wikipedia, Wiki, Hija

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Malu Albert Rivera eDad, Wikipedia, Wiki, Hija

Malu Albert Rivera eDad, Wikipedia, Wiki, Hija -: Rivera, Albert After the (unconfirmed) breakup with the singer Mal, the mother of one of the former citizen leader’s daughters, he rebuilds his sentimental life. According to an article published this Wednesday in the magazine Lectures, the former deputy forgets about Mal with a Catalan actress and spends the summer with Aysha Daraaui, with whom he appears “very excited.”

Malu Albert Rivera eDad, Wikipedia, Wiki, HijaMalu Albert Rivera eDad, Wikipedia, Wiki, Hija

After four years of dating the 41-year-old singer’s daughter and being the number one Citizen, the 43-year-old has emotionally turned the page.

Aysha Daraui, a Catalan interpreter of Moroccan descent noted for her appearances in series like The Innocent, con mario homes, or the film you will not kill, which also stars the heartthrob from A Corua, has been spotted with the man from Barcelona in an intimate manner.

When Albert Rivera arrived at the airport in Ibiza a few days earlier, Aysha picked him up. Together with Begoa Villacs, a former deputy mayor of Madrid, and other celebrities like Aldo Comas, his wife Macarena Gómez, or the actor Antonio Velazquez and his girlfriend, the lawyer and his new illusion have been having a great time on the Balearic island this summer. Nearly ten years ago, Antonio dated Mal for a brief six-month period.

This information surfaced shortly after Mal revealed the emotional situation in which he is in. “Being at peace has been my greatest challenge. At that point, you truly realize how much you needed to pause, reconnect with who you are, and breathe. On Telecinco, Paco de Luca’s niece said, “That was killing me and eating me up. Without specifically addressing her ex, the artist said, “I could have done a lot of other things better.

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News -:

The rumors of a breakup were confirmed a little more than a month ago. When the singer’s buddy Luis Rollan confirmed it on television, it was Little One y, Albert Rivera. The singer gave a performance this past Friday, July 28, at the Starlite Occident Festival in Marbella. She also provided an interview at this concert, which she frequently does to generate discussion on social media.

The singer of Black and White is quite discreet about her personal life and makes no mention of the late Ciudadanos leader. neither did his daughter Lucy, who turned 3 at the beginning of June.

However, because of his personal circumstances, his remarks have a double meaning. “All of my significant failures and significant accomplishments throughout my life have shaped the person I am today. My ‘main battle’ has unquestionably been to find inner peace, she remarked.

When you realize that you, your perfectionism, and the demand that did not allow you to enjoy yourself were the source of all your difficulties, he said, “You realize that the stones you carried in your rucksack… That was making me crazy.

The artist takes a deep breath and considers her life: “Looking back is beautiful, you have recollections of incredible experiences, of learning… One of the things they give me that worries me the most is thinking about the future and how to face it. It has always made me nervous. I avoid thinking about the future because it makes me queasy.

Remember that Mal’s last several years have been extremely significant and formative. Due to the injuries that kept her off the stage for a period, she was in a rather difficult professional situation when she met the father of her baby in 2019. The pandemic followed. After the girl was born, she returned to the music industry. He is now finishing another album with very special collaborations, including Vanessa Martin, Pablo Alboran, Paul Lopez, and Ana Mena, among others. Her most recent album, Thousand Battles, was released in 2021.

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Mal and Albert still care about the young girl despite their breakup. So much so that they have kept exchanging plans ever since.

For Little One y Albert Rivera’s most recent family scheme, a hamburger restaurant has proven to be the appropriate location. With her daughter Lucy, the girl’s maternal grandmother, and a nephew, the singer and the former Ciudadanos leader have been enjoying supper at the restaurant in the Majadahonda neighborhood of Madrid.

The whole family decided on Juancho’s BBQ in Monte Pinar since they have excellent bbq hamburgers. The family appeared to be having a peaceful and laid-back evening, a magazine’s exclusive source Week.

This discovery comes as a shock considering that it was just a month ago that Luis Rollana, a friend of the musician, claimed in Fiesta that the Now You interpreter’s four-year romance with the former politician had ended. The two also shared a daughter who was born in 2020.

It’s possible that this is a reconciliation or a friendly exchange between ex-partners because neither of the two characters of this story has shown a desire to discuss their current circumstances. Keep in mind that Rollán also mentioned that they had “good vibes” and “there was affection and respect, especially for the little person they have in common.”

When the sentimental nature of Rivera and Mal’s connection was revealed in February 2019, it caused a significant media commotion. The singer left the hospital with her partner, who had been hospitalized for acute gastroenteritis, in July, many months later. She publicly expressed her support for her without hiding and despite the caution with which they handled their emotive relationship. Little Lucia was born in June 2020. Rumors of a crisis have persisted ever since.

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