Lefty SM, Mexican Rapper, Tragically Shot Dead at 31 in Jalisco

In a shocking turn of events, Mexican rapper Juan Carlos Sauceda, famously known as Lefty SM, met a tragic end as he was fatally shot in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. The 31-year-old artist had recently been a guest at MC Davo’s concert in Mexico City, just days before the heart-wrenching incident.

Lefty SM was signed to Alzada Records, and the label officially confirmed his untimely demise on Sunday. In a somber Instagram post, Alzada Records shared the heartbreaking news, expressing their condolences to Lefty’s wife, María Isabel, and their two daughters.

The incident occurred near his residence in the La Cima neighborhood of Zapopan, in close proximity to Guadalajara. Carlos Félix, the PR representative for Alzada Records, confirmed that Lefty SM sustained two gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Details surrounding the tragic event are still emerging, with a formal report from the government of Jalisco expected soon.

Just days prior to his passing, Lefty SM had performed at the Teatro Metropólitan in Mexico City as a guest of MC Davo. The news of his death hit hard, and MC Davo took to Instagram to express his shock and grief. “How is this possible? I can’t believe it, really, I can’t believe it man,” he tearfully shared on his Instagram Stories. Later, he posted a poignant photo of the two friends together, reminiscing about the good times.

Lefty SM’s musical journey began in 1992 in his hometown of San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora. He made his mark in 2017 when he launched his YouTube channel, gradually earning recognition within the Mexican urban music scene. Collaborations with renowned artists like Santa Fe Klan, Dharius, C-Kan, MC Davo, and Neto Peña propelled his career to new heights. His track “Por mi México” became one of his biggest hits, and he had recently released a remix featuring his fellow Mexican rap stars.

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The loss of Lefty SM has left a void in the hearts of his fans and fellow musicians. Santa Fe Klan, in disbelief, wrote on his Instagram, “It’s not possible carnal. Tell me it’s a lieeeeeeeeeee.”

Juan Carlos Sauceda, known by his stage name Lefty SM, was a gifted artist whose life was tragically cut short. As the investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death unfolds, the world mourns the loss of a rising star in the Mexican music scene.

Lefty SM’s family has chosen to release information about his obituary and funeral arrangements at a later time, as they navigate through this difficult period of mourning. They request privacy and understanding as they come to terms with the devastating loss of their beloved Lefty SM.

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