Lee Corso Age: How Old Is He? Iconic Broadcaster Career Highlights

Lee Corso is the legendary college football pundit and former head coach, has been a staple on sports television for decades. As we look into this iconic figure’s fascinating path, we can’t help but ask, “How old is Lee Corso, and what has he achieved throughout his illustrious career?”

Early Life and Career

Lee Corso was born in Cicero, Illinois, on August 7, 1935, marking the start of a remarkable journey that would leave an unforgettable effect on college football. His collegiate football career was as outstanding, as he established a record with 14 career interceptions as a defensive back at Florida State University. Corso began his coaching career as an assistant coach at Western Michigan University after graduating from college. This was just the beginning of his coaching career, which would lead him to Louisville, Indiana, and Northern Illinois.

ESPN’s Professional Career

Corso’s life took a new turn in 1987 when he joined ESPN as a prominent commentator on College GameDay. His engaging demeanor and enthusiasm for college football helped him become a popular character on the network. Over the years, he became an essential member of the College GameDay crew and won the hearts of innumerable fans.

Lee Corso

Private Life

Corso’s personal life has also played an important role in his path. He is happily married to Betsy Youngblood, and they have three children together. His deep Catholic faith is shown by his membership in the Knights of Columbus, a well-known Catholic fraternal organization. Corso’s remarkable career has also been financially gratifying, with a net worth estimated at $12 million.

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Lee Corso’s Age and Career Highlights His College GameDay Appearance

Lee Corso made history in 2022 when he appeared on College GameDay at the age of 88. This astounding achievement made him the show’s oldest guest ever. While some fans were concerned about his age, Corso assured everyone of his excellent health and continued excitement for college football broadcasting.

Age at the moment

Lee Corso is 87 years old as of August 7, 2023. This makes him the “GameDay” crew’s oldest member and the only original cast member still alive, a testimony to his lasting legacy.

Lee Corso

Popularity and Public Reaction

Lee Corso’s charm and humor have won over college football fans throughout the country. His performances on College GameDay have always drawn a lot of attention and enthusiasm. Coaches and players alike seek his advice, acknowledging his knowledge of the game.


Finally, Lee Corso’s age-defying career has left an everlasting effect on college football. Corso has inspired and thrilled fans for years, from his days as a brilliant coach to his renowned job as a commentator. We anxiously await more of his contributions to ESPN and College GameDay in the future.

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