Kirk Herbstreit Age: How Old Is He? Family And Career Highlights

Kirk Herbstreit is 54 years old as of 2023, having been born on August 19, 1969, in Centerville, Ohio. He’s made a name for himself in sports broadcasting, most notably as an analyst on ESPN’s College GameDay. Kirk Herbstreit didn’t simply become a well-known sportscaster; he has a long background in the football world. He was a quarterback at Ohio State University before moving on to an extremely successful career in sports broadcasting. Kirk Herbstreit is a household name in the sports world. This page seeks to offer current information about Kirk Herbstreit’s age, childhood, work, family, and other elements that identify him.

Background and Early Years

Kirk grew up in the sporty community of Centerville, Ohio. Throughout his youth, he participated in a variety of sports, with football finally gaining the lead. During his academic years, he majored in Business Administration.

Kirk Herbstreit

Football Profession and Transition

Kirk Herbstreit created a name for himself as a quarterback at Ohio State University. He then seamlessly transitioned to broadcasting. He began his career on the Big Ten Network before moving on to ESPN’s College GameDay.

Personal and Family Life

Kirk married Allison Butler on June 13, 1998. Chase, Tye, Jake, and Zak are the couple’s four kids. Kirk is a dedicated family guy outside of his hectic broadcasting schedule.

Current Position and Contributions

Kirk Herbstreit is now an integral element of ESPN’s College GameDay. The show is a must-see for college football aficionados. His in-depth research and comments have increased the appeal and credibility of the program.

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Kirk Herbstreit

Salary and Recognition for Herbstreit

Kirk is the highest-paid pundit on ESPN, earning $16 million per year. This amount reflects not just his income but also his major contributions to sports broadcasting.


To summarize, Kirk Herbstreit is 54 years old as of 2023, and he was born on August 19, 1969. He has not only made significant contributions to college football, but he has also established a high standard in sports broadcasting. His life acts as an influence in both the athletics world and the realm of family dedication.

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